HTC Aria Smartphone - Wi-Fi - Bar - Black - AT&T - 3.2 LCD 480 X 320 - 5 Megapixel Camera - Quad Band GPS Reciever - Bluetooth - USB - 6 Hour Talk Time

HTC Aria Smartphone - Wi-Fi - Bar - Black - AT&T - 3.2 LCD 480 X 320 - 5 Megapixel Camera...

463 Ratings | 6 Reviews
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The HTC Aria has enhanced support for Exchange such as password protection and remote data wipe. Access your business email, calendar and global address book, and set your Out of Office status right...More


The HTC Aria has enhanced support for Exchange such as password protection and remote data wipe. Access your business email, calendar and global address book, and set your Out of Office status right from your phone.


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463 Ratings | 6 Reviews

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    By babydoll  Mar 31, 2011


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  • Lovin It

    By Steve  Jul 12, 2010

    ### I bought this phone the day it became available and have been using it for 3 weeks. This is my first smart phone. I have messed with my girlfriends Iphone 3g, so i can kind of see what the bench mark is that everyone compares it to. Being a heavy user, the salesman showed this phone to me, and I was sold, it is his personal phone as well. I have not been sorry, this phone is awesome. I am not sure what the other reviewer "ron" issues were. I run simaltanious emails on this phone, both yahoo and google. both work great. gtalk, chat, yahoo im also awesome. Don't have to upgrade yahoo account email account, yahoo has a email app that hit the market about a week ago, (available free in the droid market) linked right into my email and is easy to use. pictures, phone clarity are other great working features. Touch screen is awesome and i went "App Crazy" the first week in the droid market on free apps. I saw some people complaining about the battery life on this phone, i did see this for the first few days, but it seems to have improved as time and more batt charges have occurred. I get through my day just fine with it, never ran out of juice. There is a task killer app you can down load that is easy to use and shuts down all background programs, to conserve battery life, I did download, but I haven't had to use it. linked into my home wifi so I don't run up my data minutes with at&t. the big thing I see compared to the iphone, is that i can have mutiple apps going at once, I was emailing a photo, checking my email and receiving a phone call at the same time. I don't believe an iphone can do that?? not sure, girlfried was impressed with that. Twitter, Facebook, all the goodies, all work great. Bottom line is android rocks, HTC rocks and I have been really super impressed by this phone. I would not have hesitated to take it back if I didn't like it and told the sales guy that if it sucks, i would be back. I actually stopped by and thanked him for the recommendation. My main reason I didn't like the iphone, is I didn't like the way it felt in my hand...too wide. The Aria is the perfect size with almost the same screen size as the iphone. I would highly recommend this for anyone exploring the droid phones that didn't want to go iphone. I was sold on it. The learning curve for me was about a day and a half going from a samsung flip phone that was painful to text with. I feel like I am in the 21st century now and have taken my office completly mobile with this phone...amazing. Read more Less

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  • Kills iPhone

    By Save us from politics  Jul 12, 2010

    Had iPhone 3gs for one year, ready to go to G4 iPhone and got this for 30 day demo and changed my mind this is so much better, from one who had an iPhone for a year.

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  • Awesome alternative to iPhone

    By Andres  Jul 12, 2010

    ### To this day I have tried iPhones and althought I like them I do not like apple, and I had not seen a phone that impressed me enough to switch from my Blackberry, finally I found this phone and I love it, other than the battery life being a bit short...the phone is fast, easy to use, small enough not to be bulky but big enough to be able to read/play games/etc with no problem. I highly recommend it Read more Less

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  • Took it back after 4 days

    By Ron  Jul 4, 2010

    ### I really wanted to like this phone – I did not want to upgrade to the iPhone4 and some co-workers have other HTC phones and they looked pretty slick when I was shown. After initial setup of the Aria and using it for 4 day, the list of dislikes gre...w and outweighed the likes. The likes: integration with Flickr and Facebook, it will load facebook friends into your contacts and you can put and grab your Flickr photos easily. The version of google maps was nicer than the one I have on my current iPhone, it was more integrated with review websites like Yelp and Zagat loved the instant rating page when you tap a map pin. Also, a small thing but I liked the keypad word suggestion better than iPhone The dislikes: Overall a poor user interface, not well integrated. There is no voicemail out of the box to speak of, you need to quick dial the att vm and do the old ‘press 8 to delete, press * to whatever’ style think 1995. Well, there IS google voice but I did not like it…so when I record my greeting do I really need to go to the google voice website, click the button and it calls my phone back so I can speak? Is there not a way to just do it all this on the phone itself? Email? So, I needed to upgrade to yahoo plus for pop access, ding 1, I can use the yahoo mail app but it is not integrated with the device, it is a separate app you need to run, ding2. Even if you set up pop accounts and you have gmail too, I ave to run the gmail app for gmail and the out of the box email interface for my other accounts? Too many email apps!! A small think but I could not delete an email unless I went into the body of the mail, touched menu then delete – is there a way to just delete a message from the email message list (like is common in iPhone)? Bottom line is I can see where they are going with Android, that is, working in the direction of internet integration, but the user interface I found to be disjointed – too many steps to do thinks and oh…I never got google voice to completely work – in summary Android has a ways to go with UI integration, I took it back and, yes, reluctantly upgraded to the iPhone4 – maybe in two years Android will be improved and more usable Read more Less

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