Microsoft Xbox 360 Black 250GB Console (Xbox 360)

Microsoft Xbox 360 Black 250GB Console (Xbox 360) (Xbox 360)

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The Xbox 360 is a sleek and has powerful features. Featuring a gloss black finish, a 250GB Hard Drive and Wi-Fi capability, the Xbox 360 250GB Console brings the future of gaming. Built-in 802.11n...More


The Xbox 360 is a sleek and has powerful features. Featuring a gloss black finish, a 250GB Hard Drive and Wi-Fi capability, the Xbox 360 250GB Console brings the future of gaming. Built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi provides a faster and easier connection to Xbox Live to Stream HD movies and TV shows or Download games in 1080p and 5.1 Surround sound. The internal, removable 250GB hard drive offers plenty of space to save games, HD shows and movies and more. This model features a dedicated, specialized port to connect seamlessly with the Kinect Sensor allowing you to literally jump right into the game.


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1 Rating | 6 Reviews

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  • DO NOT BUY: X-Box or Kincect ��� Microsoft can void your warranty and disable your product without justification!

    By Rachael Smith  Dec 10, 2010

    ### Last year I bought an X-Box 360 250GB, Console Serial Number 043504593307, for my son, who at the time was 5 years old. It started to give the “Insert Disk” error about 70% of the time even when a disk was inserted. These were new disk, all disk...were legitimate, not copied or pirated. My son only used the x-box for games not for DVDs or CDs. On November 18, 2010 I signed on to the X-Box website, typed in the console serial number and much to my relief, it said it was still covered under warranty until 12/28/10. So I set up a service request (1143087189), got the pre-printed shipping label, boxed it up and shipped it off. Thinking to myself, WOW what great customer service. Then on 11/25/10 at 11:55 AM, I received a courtesy e-mail saying they received the console and would be in contact, so far so good. Just a few hours later at 3:35, I received yet another e-mail saying “We were not able to provide service for your XBOX 360 console. Our standard inspection revealed evidence of internal tampering or modification. The internal modifications found might include: Modifications to internal components• Modifications to software The serial number on the back of the console does not match our records for the internal components of the console sent in for service. Internal modifications, tampering, or unauthorized repairs render your Xbox 360 console ineligible for Microsoft repair.” WHAT???? Nothing had been modified on this system. It was Thanksgiving Day so I thought, I will give them a call tomorrow and figure this out. However, at 10:35 PM that day, I received a third e-mail saying it was already being shipped back. Then on Saturday 11/27/10 at 7:12 AM, after they had already sent it back, another e-mail saying “We were not able to provide warranty service for your XBOX 360 console. Our standard inspection revealed that one or more of the following conditions exist, voiding the XBOX 360 Limited Warranty: • The anti-tampering label on your console is damaged or missing • We found pry marks, indications of forced entry, or other signs of tampering on the console The Xbox Limited Warranty states that the warranty shall not apply, and Microsoft shall have no liability, if your console has been tampered with or has been repaired, modified, or altered anywhere other than at a Microsoft authorized repair center.” Again, WHAT??? While my son is pretty smart in my opinion, I am pretty sure he does not know how to modify or tamper with an Xbox. So on Monday, 11/29/10, I called X-Box, to try to figure out exactly what had happened. I was told that due to confidentiality reasons he could not tell me over the phone what the reason was, but that when I got my X-box back it would have a letter that that said what the exact problem was. He told me there was nothing he could do to help. The console arrived and to my surprise, there was a letter in it and you know what it said? It listed all of the above reasons as to why they would not honor the warranty. So I turned to the internet and search “Insert Disk” error, guess what, this is a VERY common problem, which is due to the lens. We really wanted to get my son the Kinect for Christmas, so my husband decided to fix the problem himself. At this point he did open up the X-Box, breaking two different tamper seals in the process. We were not concerned at this point since X-Box already said it would not honor our warranty. He cleaned up the lens, put it back together, plugged it in to see if it worked and guess what, the X-Box would not DO ANYTHING! It was flashing two reds lights on top then and 2 green lights on the bottom, but won’t play anything. Called X-Box customer service again and surprise, surprise, they could not help and did not know what we were talking about! So back to the internet, it seems that it does this when the console is in manufacturing mode. There are several people who have had this issue and the “rumor” is Microsoft is doing this to “get back” at people that tampered with their system. However, I NEVER tampered with it. They judged me guilty without even asking and now I have a system that once was pretty useless, is Completely useless!!!! Read more Less

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  • X-Box

    By Yahoo Shopping User  Dec 13, 2010

    ### I've had an X-Box for a little while now and i have taken it apart many times to fix it (you tube has shown me everything) It is a very simple machine and teh rumor that microsoft is getting back at people who are misusing the divise is (excuse my Fr...ench) BULL SH** the problem with the red rings it is A) Over Heated or B) the X-Box has been tapered with in some way my X-Box now does not work because i left something in it when i was trying to fix all the problem and it oretty muched f'd is up as for the kinect i hav not tred it yet i am wanting to try it my tip to all xbox users dont try and send stuff to microsoft they will just mess it up even more look up how to fix it on youtube Read more Less

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    By Lisa  Feb 6, 2012

    ### Is it just me? Since when is it ok to charge a customer a fee for live gold membership monthly (or annually still $5/mo) just to use Netflix that you're already paying $7.99 a month for? Playstation 3 doesn't do that! That's at least $12.99 a month j...ust to use Netflix! Well, I for one would rather trade in my xbox 360 for a playstation 3 than to be charged up the you-know-what just to use Netflix. I already pay for Netflix. I shouldn't have to pay for a gold membership just to use the Netflix App. XBOX sucks & I will be reposting this on every possible blog/social networking/search engine site that I can find! Read more Less

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  • Never again will I buy from Microsoft

    By JOHN  Dec 26, 2010

    ### X-box 360 ---- Thats all you hear that the kids want. You buy one... 6 months later it gets the red ring of death... you buy another that has all the updates (Last Christmas, 2009) so you know it will last. It breaks two, TWO days after the warranty...expires and get NO help from Microsoft. A multi Billion company and this is the way the customers get treated. I will not be supporting microsoft anymore. Read more Less

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  • good

    By Sahej Puri  Dec 16, 2011

    it is very good

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  • xbox 250

    By Just  Jan 29, 2012

    ### The xbox 360 is fun to play, great sound, great graphics.. and the kinect and its a party... until it breaks. In the last week, 5 people I know personally, have suffered the malice of the "open tray error". The system also loves to overheat. So, whil...e it is fun to play.. it's not durable, dependable or reliable. Read more Less

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