WM3455HW LG 24 Compact Washer / Dryer Combo'

WM3455HW LG 24 Compact Washer / Dryer Combo"

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24 IN Compact Washer / Dryer Combo

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24 IN Compact Washer / Dryer Combo


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Oven Capacity2.3 Cu. Ft.

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11 Ratings | 2 Reviews

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  • Happy with the Unit: But Read this First

    By Yahoo Shopping User  Feb 4, 2011

    ### We bought our LG combination ventless washer/dryer, model WM3455HW, I think about 9 months ago as of February 2010. We bought from Number 1 direct.com. We are living full time in a 5th wheel rv, thus preferring a compact and ventless option that coul...d run on the voltage and amperage limitations of our unit and the RV site connection. After reading all the reviews on the web regarding the other makes and models available, we decided on this model (Canadian version) and make. As you will find out in other reviews, you need to understand that this type of washer/dryer does not work like the conventional American dryer. We strongly suggest buying as extensive and extended a warranty as possible, since not every washer and dryer repairman will understand this unit. So far we have had no issues. You must install it on a solid floor, leveled, on top of a drain pan that comes out a few inches in front of and around the unit and is connected to a working drain, since you will be cleaning the drain pump filter at least twice a month. Even though the drain pump, filter has a drain hose, the water comes out of the filter as well. The drain pump is located on the front of the unit, on the bottom left. Make sure the filter and hose are properly sealed. You also will need to clean around the door seal and the door glass after every load, since the unit does not have any other lint filter. We keep a box of non-alcoholic baby wipes nearby for this easy job, which is now as routine as setting the next wash. You can also "tub clean" the unit every month, per the instructions, which we have yet to do. The water inlet also has a filter that can be cleaned if you have hard water issues. Please understand that it may take 4 to 6 hours to wash and dry your one load of clothes. Some of this time can be shortened, since part of it is "cool down". "Cool Down" is automatic and it will periodically tumble for up to 4 hours, before then notifying you with a musical set of notes and unlocking the door. When the unit displays this message, press any key and it will stop the load and unlock the door, allowing access to your laundry. We suggest taking the load out soon after it reaches the start of "cool down". Please understand that this washer cannot handle the load of clothes you may shove into a commercial washing machine. When the start button is pressed, the washer weighs the load and calculates the wash time based on your wash preferences. The amount of time estimated will display, along with the weight. The capacity of the machine to wash clothes is twice the capacity to dry, so you will need to experiment with smaller loads until you find what works for you. The more clothes you load into it, the more wrinkled they may end up. We personally have found that the normal dry setting is too hot and cooks the wrinkles into the clothes to an extent I have never seen before, so we set all of our loads to "damp" or "low temp". We prefer the damp setting, and most of the time this, along with fabric softener, dries the clothes without wrinkling them as bad as normal. When you first open the unit and take the clothes out, the air will feel damp, but they will quickly dry completely out in a couple minutes (unless you overloaded the washer). I cannot remember the recommended load weight for this washer, but I think it is around 5-6 lbs, with 4 lbs as a normal load. Look it up, because I may be wrong. You will end up ironing or steam ironing everything that comes out of the unit if you don't dry with as low temperature as possible and take out the clothes as soon as the drying cycle is complete and the "cool down" cycle is starting. (Please note that if the temperature is too high in the unit, the unit will not unlock until it cools down). Now we are used to the extra work of steam ironing and are learning how to avoid most of that problem. Due to the small capacity, you will have to wash your laundry more often, perhaps every 2 to 3 days. I would recommend this washer/dryer for a couple or an individual, but not for a large family or someone who generates an undue amount of laundry. We can fit at least 2 pants, 2 shirts, 2 pairs of socks and underwear, and a few other items in the load at one time. Your load needs room to tumble, especially since this works with less water. Also note that you will need high efficiency detergent. You also need to use he fabric softener in almost every load to avoid excessive wrinkling. We also recommend setting your wash to finish before you go to bed, since you may or may not be able to hear the unit. Leveling is important, since this unit can be rather noisy while spinning. Having it thrash around due to too many clothes or an unlevel unit can eventually damage the unit (as can be the case with any washer or dryer). This unit has allowed us to have a washer and dryer in our small recreational vehicle, giving us the time back that we were losing at the local laundrymat. You can set the time you want the load to start washing, and you don't have to move it to a dryer for the load to dry...which also saves you time. (You will still have to wash your comforter and other large items in a commercial washing machine). We are pleased with the unit and are happy to recommend it to others. Read more Less

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  • LG Service is a nightmare - steer clear

    By Melissa  Apr 16, 2012

    ### We bought our unit online at Applicance Connection. If you buy an appliance buy it from a store! Our unit arrived broken and we have been battling LG for 2 months, 8 services call later, they are still "reviewing" our case! While the concept of the a...ll in one is awesome, LG is a nightmare. Their customer support is shameful and we are suffering! Used up a week of vacation to deal with all of the service calls and still no resolution! Buy from brick and mortar where they will take care of their customers and NOT make you deal directly with the manufacturer. SHAMEFUL! Read more Less

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