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99 Ratings | 3 Reviews

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  • Wish I read the reviews first

    By BenG  Aug 16, 2010

    ### I am on hold right now with E-Wave about this refridgerator. Why? Because apparently Magic Chef doesn't even make their own fridges anymore--a company named E-Wave does. I am on hold to ask them to bring someone out to fix my fridge that hasn't even...been plugged in for a full week. It just stopped working. I am on hold today, a Monday, because they're closed on the weekend. It doesn't matter to them that all of our frozen items have gone bad on a Sunday--they're not open on weekends. I am on hold beause after writing an email to technical support, I realized that they take 2 days to process emails, and I need a working fridge before Wednesday. My email, by the way, may not even go through because part of the information they needed was a Serial Number. This number is not anywhere to be found on the machine inside, on the sides, or on top. I don't feel like a respected customer when they give me a mandatory inclusion for the warranty check but don't tell me how to find it. I have now been on hold for 13 miutes and am truly hoping that they are able to get someone out here with out too much hassle. I will remember this before I commit to another Maytag or Magic Chef brand apliance. Read more Less

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  • Don't buy this

    By Wild Hogs  Jun 5, 2013

    ### I just carted my second Magic Chef frig to the curb. I bought it at Home Depot as I needed a garage frig and I could just take it home. Yes I was stupid enough to buy another one after the first one broke after 3 years. That seems to be the life expe...ctancy. I think the second one was the compressor as it just wasn't cold but on. Anyway I called and they said I would have to bring it in and it would be 200 dollars to determine if it was the compressor. Then labor. So I just ordered a new frig from Howards this time. Hope I have better luck. The price is very reasonable but not worth it if you have to get a new one every 3 years Read more Less

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  • MAGIC CHEF 1o.o Cu. Ft. Refrigerator

    By LAZARO  Apr 26, 2014

    Don't buy it. I bought the first one...lasted a week. Replaced it with another one which lasted only two years. This is the worst appliance product brand I have ever bought.

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