Whirlpool 4.0 Cubic Foot Top-Load Washing Machine

Whirlpool 4.0 Cubic Foot Top-Load Washing Machine

3 Ratings | 10 Reviews
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Whirlpool .Rated #1 by a Leading Consumer Magazine.

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Whirlpool .Rated #1 by a Leading Consumer Magazine.


Quick Glance
Washer typeTop load
General Info
Loading TypeTop loading
Additional Specifications
Oven Capacity4.0 cubic foot
Sewing Machine TypeFoot
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User Reviews

3 Ratings | 10 Reviews

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  • The best was ever!!!

    By MelindaD  Sep 10, 2010

    ### I love my new cabrio. I think it washes better than its sister front loader. I have used my mother Whirlpool front loader a few times and it just clean my husband work uniforms very well they still had some odor to them. Now that my Mom's used my cab...rio, she wishes she'd got a cabrio. Read more Less

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  • Love this Washer

    By Yahoo Shopping User  Sep 12, 2010

    ### After my old washer died a few times, I decided to get this washer. This is my first HE washer. I love it. The capacity is fantastic. I have not yet tried washing my King size Comforter, but I bought a machine with this in mind. I will update the rev...iew when I do. I chose a top-loader instead of a front loader because of reviews claiming the front loaders may still have some bugs to work out. I live in a tiny two-story row home where the basment stairs only allow me a clearanze by an 1/8 of an inch, so I did not want to replacing a washer for years and years, so the top-loader seemed like the safer choice. I love the top-loader. I love the clear lid. Great washer so far! Read more Less

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  • Hate Whirlpool Washers

    By Maggy  May 8, 2011

    ### Whirlpool makes incredibly noisy washing machines. I've bought 2 and my daughters have tried them also. Additionally, I bought a Whirlpool with the "water sensor". However, this is a nightmare. It does not fill water sufficiently, clothese do not com...e out clean, and because of the water sensor level it does not rinse close properly. Don't buy whirlpool. Read more Less

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  • Excellent Machine

    By B  Sep 10, 2010

    ### We shopped and compared and shopped more. Every repairman for our old washer told us not to get a front loader, so we ruled those out, and I was not happy with an agitator. We settled on this machine and are we ever glad. It takes a huge load, washes...everything clean, work clothes, gardening stuff, everything, plus does delicates. IT IS VERY QUIET. Even visitors have remarked on how quiet it is, I can have a TV on near it and hear just fine even during spin cycle. One drawback, the clothes do come out wrinkled, meaning I have to iron some, but it is not that bad. I did try to wash my King Sized comforter in it, but that was just too big. Everything else, all our jeans, the whole family's towels from the beach, coats and jackets from play, large loads, all come out clean and the washer never breaks a sweat. What a great machine! Read more Less

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  • On the fence

    By Laura  Sep 12, 2010

    ### We got our Cabrio set about 3yrs ago and I fell in love with how quiet it was and how clean it got all of our clothes and linens. We have a family of 8 so the fact that it could do twice as much at once as my old washer was a huge plus the clear lid...so my kids could be entertained watching the clothes wash was fun.Than about a year ago a couple hand towels and shorts were missing and the washer got loud then didnt drain right, after taking the back off I found the problem & missing items. After retrieving them through an intense process my washer now constantly stops for F1 & DL (water flow & door lock) & it's very loud on spin cycle. Going to get it serviced once I find someone in my area who does these kind but still wouldn't trade it for my old one. Read more Less

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  • Worst Appliance I Have Ever Purchased

    By Yahoo Shopping User  Aug 3, 2012

    ### I have had my Cabrio washer for 2 years and had the drum replaced twice already (good thing I took out the extended warranty). It still goes off balance all the time - I would go back to my front load washer in a heartbeat. Have had problems with the...bleach dispenser not holding the bleach - just going right through. Now soap residue on my dark clothes. It has just been one thing after another. They now tell me to get water samples to find out the softness of the city water, as some people can only use a teaspoon of detergent. I have had the machine for 2 years and it is now just leaving residue on the dark clothes. For the price I paid - very disappointed!!!!! Read more Less

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  • No complaints

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Dec 23, 2011

    ### I have had this washer-dryer combo for a couple of weeks now. I have washed everything in it. Comforters, pillows, clothing. It did shred an old pillow, but I found the culprit. When they cut the tub the factory doesn't remove some of the little plas...tic shad's hanging. I have seen the complaint of shredding clothing, happens when you have a full load and something goesa above the rim and this is the cause of it. I was able to remove them by twisting them off. Very easy to do. I bought my set at hhGregg and got a smoking deal of $499 each. That deal is hard to find. I was prepared to pay up to $550 each. If you look around, you can find the deals. Read more Less

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  • Whirlpool Cabrio

    By Sherry  Sep 10, 2010

    ### We have had this washer for 2 years and love it. This past weekend we had to call a service tech out because it was making a loud noise when spinning... He told us that we were using to much detergent... even though we cut the amount of HE down by 1/...2 of marks on caps we should have had it down by 7/8 of the mark... Yes this is right even for a full load we sould not be using more than 1/4 of the mark for the smallest load. The over sudsing has caused the bearing in the spinning shaft to go bad. Read more Less

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  • Great washer

    By Jamie Jansen  Sep 10, 2010

    ### W have had the washer for four months now and at first we thought it want working right till we read the directions. This is a must . It was doing the wash just great with the default settings so we just kept it on them till we decided to venture out...and make a few changes. It was simple and was doing everything we asked of it . I would recomand it to anyone. We even had a service man look it over and make sure it was working right . He verified it was working right and doing a good job. Now I love it and wouldn;t have anything else....Jamie Read more Less

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