Honda Mustang Rumbler 1:16 Off Road Electric RTR RC Monster Truck

Honda Mustang Rumbler 1:16 Off Road Electric RTR RC Monster Truck

785 Ratings | 4 Reviews
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Features:Electric PoweredBig Off Road Rubber TiresHigh Gloss Lexan BodyRemovable BodyFront and Rear Supportive Bumpers1:16 ScaleExtremely DetailedFull FunctionWorking Independent SuspensionFront and...More


Features:Electric PoweredBig Off Road Rubber TiresHigh Gloss Lexan BodyRemovable BodyFront and Rear Supportive Bumpers1:16 ScaleExtremely DetailedFull FunctionWorking Independent SuspensionFront and Rear ShocksRechargeableLength: 9 InchesWidth: 7.5 InchesHeight: 4.25 Inches Package Includes:Mustang Off Road Electric RC TruckRemote ControlAntenna4.8V 500mAh Rechargeable Battery PackWall Charger


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Product TypeLawn Mowers, Self Propelled Mowers
Additional Specifications
Grill size21 Inch

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785 Ratings | 4 Reviews

4.33 out of 5 stars

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  • Overall Good Mower

    By Yahoo Shopping User  Aug 20, 2012

    ### Ordered on-line from Home Depot April 2012. Cost $415.00. Delivered by UPS with front wheel arm bent. Home Depot quickly supplied replacement arm at no charge. I ordered, and the box and manual indicated Model HRR216VKA;however the label on the mowe...r was HRR2168VKA My previous two mowers were a Toro and a Sears. Read more Less

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  • Fith Mower

    By Manny Pacquiao is afraid of Mayweather  May 21, 2012

    ### For $360 plus tax I shouldn't complain but I well. This is more of a problem most Amricans have, which is we are never satisfied with great when there is better. The Two top of the line HRX have the super strong plastic base, Roto stop which keeps th...e mower on and stops the blades when you let go, you don't have to remove the shute for mulching, has a lever to control how much you mulch and bag, the top of the line has an electric start button and both have a clutch control system that has five gears to control the self propell and another lever to control speed of blades. From what my step dad says the blades might be slightly better but I'm not positive. Mine says dual blades with Quattro cut. My step dad has the HRX without electric start. Apparently we bought ours the same week. The Honda Lawnmower he bought over twenty years ago was $499 but did not come with a side shute making it clump all the time. It was still faster than my Husqavarna using the same GS 160 engine that's in my new Honda which is like comparing 2005 Honda Element with a four speed auto to 2008 Honda element with a five speed Stick shift without the blades running.With the blades running replace it with the Honda civic SI six speed stick shift. All have the same engine but are worlds apart. We also had a craftsman. I think getting a based push or based self propel with the grass shooting from the side might be more simple for $299 on sale. I watched my neighbor using one and he just pushed the mower as fast as he wanted. The extra stuff ttripples the price if you leti and in the end the mowers still produce the same result. The Honda mowers that don't mulch are lite, cheaper and don't clump if u keep up on the grass. They use the same engine except for the 190c in the two top of the line HRX. I well use that one next week to help cut some properties for my step dad and let him use mine. I well write a review. If you have a bigger lawn I would recommend the HRX top of the line bc it has a more powerful engine and has the Roto stop propel feature. Our twenty plus year old Honda has that and it was worth the extra money if your going to keep it for five or more years. Think of all the money you spend on stupid stuff. I paid $299 for the craftsman and it broke. $499 for the Husqavarna and it cuts grass like crap. The Honda has two blades, HRX has a lifetime warranty on the base, you know the engine won't break if you change the oil. The Husqavarna had the same oil, same filter, and left gas in it for three straight years without using it when I hired someone to cut my grass do to injuries. The engine wouldn't start and my I was going to buy a new mower when they asked me if I changed the oill, spark plug, and added fuel stabilizer. I changed everything and it started right up. My craftsman died after two months, the second one died the next summer, and the third one I gave to my divorced neighbor when her exact same green craftsman died. I had bought the Husqavarna in 2004 with the 160c Honda engine was disappointed with the self propel speed the first week I had it. The cheapest Honda at Home Depot was $129 more at the time and $499 was a lots of money for a lawnmower. $360 is much better. If it won't make a huge financial burden I would wait for a new Honda Mower that has Roto stop system on the HRX along with the smart drive. Smart Drive system lets you push the bottom to control the propel speed. Hop this helps. Try to find a discount coupon for home depot and if you apply for a credit card you get another ten percent off. Some stores might let you use your disabled veterans I'd card for ten percent off but the certain products don't apply. Go through a regular cashiers line. Read more Less

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  • Never Easy to Start

    By Moe  Aug 11, 2013

    ### This machine was too expensive to have too many fatal flaws. The most important one is that it is always nightmare to start. It only started from the first pull at the shop. Never again since then! This auto chock is joke. They said at the shop must ethanol free gas. I made sure I did; however, this did not solve the problem. Plus, if this machine is designed to be sold and used in the US market, it should be able to tolerate the fuel that is available in the US!!! This machine is truly a disappointment from a company like Honda! Read more Less

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  • Honda lawn mower vs competition with Honda engine

    By Manny Pacquiao is afraid of Mayweather  May 16, 2012

    ### We have 22yr Honda lawnmoer that's faster than our 6yr Husqvarna when it was new. The new Honda we just got doesn't use a side attachment to spray e grass out when not using the bag which was a big problem for the Husqvarna bc it keeps breaking and t...he screws were stripped when trying to change it. The new Honda has twin blades which is great for mulching/ cutting the grass. This machine is so much faster and I haven't had to push it by hand. If I had the money I would have bought the top of the line online which I've seen for $599 vs $799 at home depot. I paid $360 plus tax using 10% off coupon. I lwould prefer to have the self propelled option that works without the blades running and doesn't shut off every time you let go. Again for $360 I can't complain. This was the base self propel mower which is only $30 more the one u push yourself. It's worth paying $650 vs the competition.mi have had 4 lawnmoers and my parents 22yr old Honda wWa better except for the fact you had to bait or it would clump up. The new Hondas don't do that. I can't believe how fast it propels and how good it cuts. John Deere is going to replace their push mowers with Honda mowers. Read more Less

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