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  • Whistler XTR-540


    Whistler XTR-540 is a portable, battery-powered laser/radar detector designed for 360-degree laser detection in addition to patented VG-2 cloaking. It builds from the XTR-440 by incorporating a blue LCD text display for distinct visual confirmation of signals detected. More importantly, it adds along POP mode detection for responding to ultra-brief POP Mode radar scans. Like its predecessor, the XTR-540 provides band detection for all major laser/radar signals including X, K, and Ka bands; VG-2; and safety radar, which detects safety systems from emergency vehicles. Additional features include tone alerts that provide distinct audio warnings for each type of band, and an alert priority system that prioritizes simultaneously received alerts. Features Portable Laser/Radar Detector 360-Degree Laser Detection Total Band Protection POP Mode Detection VG-2 Cloaking Blue LCD Text Display Two Alert Periscopes (Flash LEDs) City/Highway Modes Tone Alerts Stay Alert Dim/Dark Mode Quit/Quiet Qu... Read more

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