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  • Universal Remote MX-3000


    rsquo;s advanced RF technology, which ensures seamless communication between the remote and components, making it much easier to process long macros. Instead of having to point the remote at the appropriate components (e.g. DVD player, television) until the macro completes, the user merely initiates the macro and the MX-3000 handles the rest. The Universal Remote MX-3000 retails for $749.95 and comes with a 1 year limited warranty. Additional Information Additional features of the Universal Remote MX-3000 remote include automatic backlighting via an integrated motion ... PROS: (1) Configured home theater components respond immediately - significantly reduces signal lag common to many Logitech and Harmony remotes (2) Touchscreen is vivid and responsive - particularly excellent during initial setup/device configuration (3) Unit is truly customizable - graphic interface functions similarly to that of a smart phone (contrast/brightness control, number of applications on home screen, s... Read more

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