Canon EOS-10D Digital Camera

Canon EOS-10D Digital Camera

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The EOS 10D brings an unprecedented level of features, controls and value to the advanced amateur and studio photographer. It has a newly designed, rugged body with a magnesium alloy exterior, a 6.3...More

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The EOS 10D brings an unprecedented level of features, controls and value to the advanced amateur and studio photographer. It has a newly designed, rugged body with a magnesium alloy exterior, a 6.3 MegaPixels CMOS sensor which incorporates Canon's exclusive DIGIC Image Processor, high-speed, 7-point wide area AF with superimposed focusing points, user adjustable parameters to change 4 aspects of image quality, 3 frames per second speed (up to 9 shots in JPEG or simultaneous RAW/JPEG mode), and a pop-up flash. The EOS 10D is compatible with Canon's entire range of EF lenses, digital printers and Speedlites, has USB connectivity, selectable color spaces, Exif 2.2 and DPOF 1.1 support, and includes Canon's capture software for Mac OS and Windows. With these advanced features in an easy-to-use interface, the EOS 10D makes digital EOS photography available to everyone.


Quick Glance
LCD Screen Size1.8 in
Memory Card SupportCompactFlash (CF) Card
Effective Megapixels6.3 Megapixel
Camera TypeDigital SLR Camera Body Only
Image Processor
Total Pixels6500000
Image SensorCMOS
Depth3 in
Weight1.74 lbs
Height4.2 in
Width5.9 in
Warranty Information1 Year
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  • An modern Classic

    By José  Feb 24, 2008

    ### WEll what i can say? is a wonderful tool, a camera for serious mateur and proffesional too, this camera was the first to have an CMOS DIGIC sensor, the first CMOS previous models were good but the performance of this camera are superior, the body des...ign are great except for the lens axis, is not a bad thing but personally prefer the well centered lens with the rest of the body, the body were made with magnesium alloy and are better than the next generation like 20D, 30D and 40D these cameras have a lot of features better than the 10D but are fully compatible except for the battery vertical grip, the 10D top shutter speed were about 1/4000 not too fast as the next genereation over 1/8000 like on profesinal models, but is ok, just 7 AF points and have not spot metering (bad) 35 evaluative zones works great, the next generation have also an CMOS Digic II sensor instead than Digic I but the wirk on 10D are azom, the 2 megapixels of diference are not too much, the final resolutiuon on these case are more for the optic quality than the megapixels... Read more Less

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  • New Canon 10D

    By Randal  Jun 26, 2003

    ### I had a 1 megapixel Kodak and couldn't keep batteries in it long enough to use it. Took less than 50 pictures total with it.So I waited until I saw what I wanted and tried to use friend's cameras.I liked the pocket sized Canon A20.Then I played sister's Canon D30 and it was great.I looked for a deal on a D30 or D60 and saw the anouncement of the 10D.I ordered it the next week.I have used it for 6 weeks now.I have taken about 600 pictures playing with features and getting comfortable with it.I am using the 28-135 IS USM zoomAlso using a 512 cf card & a couple of extra battery packs.The 512's hold about 179 picturesand I can shoot more than on cardfull on one battery.So 4 cf cards and 3 batteries are going on vacation with me and I am set.I LOVE MY NEW CANON 10D !!!!---- RandalI may never shoot any more film and just sell all my old SLR equipment.But you do need to upgrade your flash unit to one that supports digital.The older ones give you incosistent results. Read more Less

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  • too much money

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Aug 7, 2003

    this camera costs too much money

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  • Canon EOS 10D

    By Jim  Jul 30, 2003

    Outstanding camera!

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  • This is the ONE!

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Apr 15, 2003

    ### I have been waiting for a good value in a digital SLR. I previously purchased a Kodak 4800 (3 mp) with all its lenses and accessories. I have a 6 year old Canon Rebel G with several lenses. I thought about getting the Nikon D100, but would have to sp...end a lot for accessories. Thank heavens I waited because Canon really made its mark this time with the Canon 10D. It is an amazing camera. First of all, it is solid. The LCD is sharp, there is no noise in any of the photos I have taken. With the Canon lenses I had already, there was little to buy. Every picture taken outdoors is flawless, with only a little PhotoShop tweaking. Indoor lighting can be tricky, but the camera compensates for that. For $1500, it is a steal! Buy an extra battery and a 512 card. You will need them. Read more Less

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  • First Digital

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  May 18, 2007

    ### it has all the fetures you would ever need and there is no limit of lenses, both high dollar and off brand that are excellent for the dollar. The quality is there and you can not go wrong. It is a great second or a back up camera for the pro. The onl...y fault is it is on the heavy side BUT it is all metal and can take a beating Read more Less

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  • The Best Thing Since O2

    By William G  Jul 1, 2003

    Well may be not since oxygen but it is a great camera. It is the hughest of quality and it is large enough to hold on to.

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  • Oh Canon you did it again,..

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Sep 15, 2003

    Great Camera for a great Price,...

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  • Great digital SLR

    By Ed Carlo Garcia  Dec 6, 2005

    ### I've had this camera for 3 years and use it especially for low-light situations, or situations where fast picture taking is required. Although it is an older model, I have no reason to upgrade to the later 20d model: - The buffer stores up to 9 cont...inuous shots. - It's compatible with Canon EOS lenses - The hotshoe allows me to put an onboard flash - It has many other features that you see in other digital SLRs: autobracketing, white balance bracketing, custom white balance - custom functions allow you to reprogram your keys (ie. focusing can be assigned to a different key) A few things on the wish list (that's not available on the 20d or 5d either): - wireless ethernet (nikon has this) - automatic ccd cleaning (olympus i believe has this) - antishake built into the camera (minolta has this) Read more Less

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  • Perfect for DSLR starters

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Sep 6, 2003

    The camera is well designed, its perfect for starters who are just getting in to the DSLR world, I could use a USB 2.0 or Firewire connection built in, other than that its great.

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  • Canon's 300D (Digital Rebel) vs 10D: Battle of the DSLRs


    Recently, 10D and Rebel users have been in a state of turmoil due to a new hack (a firmware update) that promises to unlock some 10D-equivalent functions for the Rebel. More information can be found here. We will certainly keep an eye on this as it develops. Read more

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