Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto: Vice City PlayStation 2

Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto: Vice City PlayStation 2 (Xbox)

39 Ratings | 455 Reviews
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Grand theft auto vice city


Grand theft auto vice city


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ESRB RatingM (Mature)
Game GenreAction/Adventure, Racing, Simulation
Maximum Number of Players1
Game Information
Network CompatibleNo
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Additional Specifications
Simultaneous Multiplayer ModeNo
CategoryPlaystation Shooter
ClassPlaystation 2
Uses Memory Card?Yes
Parent RetskuB00GM5TPSA
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User Reviews

39 Ratings | 455 Reviews

4.74 out of 5 stars

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  • grantthept auto vice city

    By julius santiago  Sep 16, 2002

    i like the game iwant the game thanks

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  • a great sequel

    By larsssssssssssss  Sep 19, 2002

    this new version is even deeper and more interesting. i love the sound track.

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  • Check This!!!

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Sep 26, 2002

    ### Gta 4 Vice city is going to 100 times better than gta3,its gunna have more cars,better weapons,NICE Cars...One bad thing......The whole city is open to u throughout the whole game...That jusr ruins all the fun of unlockin secret stages...One thing to...say...UR A FOOL IF U DONT BYE IT!!!!! Read more Less

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  • GTA makes it again!!

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Oct 19, 2002

    This can be caled the best game ever! everything its great in this game, including the radio stations and all... if you have the chance to buy this game, buy it!

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  • A must have if ever ther was one.

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Nov 4, 2002

    ### There are some games which define a system and change the way you view game playing in a whole. This is that game. When I first read about GTA4 I asked myself, How can you perfect perfection? In refrence to GTA3, My question was answered 10 fold. The...answer is Vice City. Now, I will admit I am a fan of the serise however I was unprejudice in my personal review. This game is the most exciting game you will play soley on the fact that the storyline is so interecate. The missions are at various levels, so you might spend a whole hour with a mission than the next, 10 minutes. This adds to the funfactor in the way that you dont get tired of all the missions being to easy or to hard. Also the missions are so very differnt, both from themselvs and GTA3, that you atticipate the next. We all know about the cars and weapons however the mini games are one of the best aspects. Ill leave you with this, This time around you fly for real. Jimmy Wills Read more Less

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    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Nov 7, 2002

    ### WTF were they thinking... I knew they were gonna top GTA3 with vice city its awsome and its ez i even got the secret car its another tank thats fast and powerfull and it dosent use ur annonution and its the base got wings too so u can fly in it!!!!!!...!!!!!!! Read more Less

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  • GTA: Vice City

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Nov 17, 2002

    ### This game is fantastic! Unlike GTA3, except more advanced and newer featueres, you are allowed to jack cars, ride motorcycles, use even newer guns like MP5s and Pythons, go inside buildings like no game ever before, join a biker gang, drive mention flying the helicopter which can take you on top of buildings, the game is much much more realistic. For example, cops go after someone other than yourself, that seems pretty realistic to me. Another is, going inside buildings and in other or similiar games like GTA3 or Driver you cant do that. The game has even better textured graphics including the reflection of the sun from the shining of the cars and none of the beige and browns like in GTA3, but that game is also still cool but GTA:VC is even better. The only way to explain GTA3 and GTA Vice City is their both pretty execllent video games of all time! Read more Less

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  • the reson u should buy it and other stuf

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Nov 2, 2002

    ### ok frist of all this game rock it keeps me grovin with some energy (he he) ok but one of my favorite parts is the bikes! yes (yahoo was wrong with the misson base racing for style it is a crime sim)any ways shooting forward on a bike is great for som...e missons and some time the just stink and a nuner thing is the sound track is better then the from GTA3 (but i want the flashback songs back wahhh) one cool thing is that my favorite radio staition (vrock) has the legendary......LAZLO (ok thats spelled wrong but o whiel he he agin)kchat replaces chatter box but this is where the review gets good ok when you frist start it feels like a GTA3 update but then it starts to change and the contol is smooth unlike GTA3 and how it is dark and gloom vice city is bright and fresh well any ways you should buy it and have fun Read more Less

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  • Realllllly good.

    By Yahoo Shopping User  Dec 3, 2002

    i loved it, it was so cool!!!!

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  • GTA: Vice City

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Dec 4, 2002

    ### Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is the hottest game on the shelves today and possibly in Video game history. This game gives you the freedom to do anything you desire. You can work for the mob and rise to the top. Or you can just mess around driving bikes or fly around in a chopper. The only things that should be fixed is the graphics arent great and the controls are difficult to work when your in a tight spot and you got cops all over you. I garantee that if you buy this game you wont be dissapointed. Read more Less

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  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (ps2)


    I've been reminiscing about the past recently. Last year's onslaught of AAA games had us staggering with delight -- and exhaustion -- when the year finally came to a close. In comparison, this year������s lineup of games, well, it initially looked stunning, before the delays, anyway. But now it's clear what 2002 is all about. Like a co-worker of mine said a few weeks ago, there������s Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and there������s everything else. The biggest, most anticipated game of 2002 is upon us. A large population of the gaming public has come to a halt as Rockstar North has slaved away to finish the second massive Grand Theft Auto game just one year after GTAIII lit the videogame world on fire. And now it������s here. It������s finally here. Read more

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