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  • Nintendo DS Lite | Red / Black


    The most popular of the gaming handhelds, the DS Lite took the world by storm with its wide array of features. Dual screens and touch screen technology to enhance gaming experience, even on the small scale. Free Nintendo Wi-Fi to connect with people for multiplayer games around the world and it only weighs 218 grams! ... PROS: (1) Redesigned to be lighter, sleeker, and easier to use (2) Incredible battery life (3) Can play GameBoy Advance games (4) Online play in many games (5) Same price as the regular DS ... CONS: (1) Purchase of extra cart required for web browsing (2) Cannot play Gameboy and Gameboy Color games (3) Friend code system is cumbersome. (4) Lots of bad games crowd out the many good games. (5) Mediocre ergonomics for the gamepad Read more

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