Palm Treo 700p Cell Phone

Palm Treo 700p Cell Phone

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The Palm Treo 700p smart phone delivers everything you need in one go-anywhere, Palm OS device. It combines a smarter phone with wireless email and messaging, built-in web browser, and rich media...More


The Palm Treo 700p smart phone delivers everything you need in one go-anywhere, Palm OS device. It combines a smarter phone with wireless email and messaging, built-in web browser, and rich media capabilities - all at blazing fast broadband-like speeds. Be productive even while you're away from your desk. Download any of the thousands of Palm OS applications available. Or, relax and play your favorite music and videos right on your device. With this user-friendly solution in hand, you can stay connected and productive on your terms.


Quick Glance
Operating SystemPalm OS
Wireless ConnectivityBluetooth Yes
Form FactorBar
Interface ConnectionUSB Yes
SlotsMultiMediaCard (MMC), Secure Digital (SD), SDIO
Smart FeaturesLight Balancing, Web Browser, Voice Memo, Photo Caller ID, Wallpaper, Voice Mail
System Features
Processor ClassIntel XScale
Operating System VersionPalm OS 5.4.9
Processor Speed312 MHz
Internal Storage Memory60 MB
Rear Camera
Rear Camera Megapixels1.3 Megapixel
Wireless Communication
Cellular Frequency TechnologyCDMA 800, CDMA 1900
Max Standby Time (Battery)300 Hour
Max Talk Time (Battery)4.50 Hour
Height4.4 in
Width2.3 in
Depth0.9 in
Weight6.40 oz
More Info
Additional Specifications
Green ComplianceRoHS
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1 Rating | 27 Reviews

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    By JohnJohn  Apr 6, 2007

    If you are a cell phone user this phone is the way to go it will make texting, emailing, pic taking so fun. Oh an don't let me forget the mp3 player try this phone out it is more then a phone .

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  • FantasticProduct

    By John Ejiro  Jun 21, 2008

    its specifications are good but there is no full details on call log that allows you to view your last call dailled, call log details including how many minutes you used per call on each numbers listed on the phone call log.

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  • Software STINKS

    By Guy  Sep 19, 2006

    ### Don't you dare own a MAC and want to sync this device to it. Don't even THINK about wanting to sync it between your work MAC and your home MAC. I spent countless phone calls to INDIA trying to figure out why it kept duplicating all of my "to dos" - w...hich I now have over 21,000 of them because every time I sync IT it dupicates more of them. Trying to look up error messages online in their troubleshooting area is like looking for a needle in a haystack. You would think they would TEST this crap before releasing it. Why not make things simple to operate? This is the biggest waste of money. SUPPORT is a joke - with having to call INDIA countless times, they are not much help. I'm returning this garbage. Read more Less

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  • Treo 700 P

    By Pat S.  Jul 10, 2006

    ### I have used 4 different phones: the Verizon 6700, the Blackberry 7130, the Treo 700 W and the Treo 700P. The 6700 has a horrible learning curve, uses Windows Mobile 5 which uses alot of extra keystrokes for everything, and the activesync blew out my...VAIO - continuous loop looking for activesync. The screen was also impossible to read in the daylight and the phone quality was poor. I found the slide-out keyboard annoying instead of beneficial because you had to turn the phone on its side. The blackberry was very easy but the emails were so truncated that it was hard to know what was sent, and the phone had very little functionality and a rotten phone sound. The Treo W had a little brighter screen than the 6700 but not nearly the resolution or brightness of the 700P. THe windows based software was not great, either. There was a wifi card for it which was good, but it constantly froze and locked up when I dialed numbers. Once it took me 5 minutes to get my voicemail. Also, this phone likes to dial numbers when you are not looking! Your phone bill will be huge. The 700P, does not do this. It is easy to read the screen and it is great to use - very simple. Only two problems: no voice command, and will not work with MCE edition of Windows XP. No hotsync is supported by Palm, Microsoft, Gateway, or Verizon!!! Ugh. Also, there is DUN but it is $15/mo whereas you can hack other models to get it for free! There is no wifi (where's the beef!). You need wifi if you do not have a phone signal and want internet. I loved the wireless sync, however, as my data was backed up on the Verizon server. If you lose your phone the data reappears on the new machine! Great!! Now if I could only get it to hotsync without removing the MCE edition from my computer and installing Windows XP Pro as my operating system - a serious flaw!!!! Read more Less

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  • Utter Crap! ! ! Loved it at 1st, Now I know better

    By Kate E  Nov 20, 2006

    ### Active Sync - What more can I say! It's crap. My phone stopped ringing and/or vibrating over a months ago (and no support Palm, Microsuck/soft or Verizon has been able to help me other than to say Hard Reset (which loses all my data - 1000+ contacts...alone). Why a hard reset - Because I share my USB ports (I have 5 and still non work with the Treow) and after my intial sync, I must have used the ports for other devices (camera or iPod). I have tried for weeks, everything under the sun to sync my treo up, but nothing works. My PC will not recognize the device, because other drivers downloaded to those ports. THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM FOR ME. DEAL BREAKER ACTUALLY. It's time for the real biys to step up - MOTOROLA?! And I don't mean Q. Read more Less

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  • Terrible Phone

    By dgsfg  Jun 5, 2007

    ### I wish I had paid more attention to the people saying this phone was no good in the reviews. If you depend on phone service, do NOT buy this phone. I am on Verizon and it drops calls all the time. I had a RAZR sitting side by side five bars on RAZR, to two with the Treo. I get voicemails all the time with no incoming call registered. I told Verizon they ought to drop this phone from their offering as it makes their service look terrible to the customer. Read more Less

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  • Palm Treo Phone

    By Dee Gray  Oct 15, 2008

    ### I have a love/hate relationship with my Palm. It's a great PDA but a very bad phone. You can never truly shut everything off so the battery charge time isn't what I need. Bottom line . . . I'm changing as soon as my contract is up for renewable. I do...n't recommend it. Read more Less

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  • PALM TREO 700p

    By Yahoo Shopping User  Nov 24, 2006

    Overall I love my Palm Treo 700p Smartphone device.

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  • It's really OK

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  May 25, 2006

    I really like it

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  • Fantastic Treo 700p Part 1

    By funpig  Jan 1, 2007

    ### I've wanted to buy a Treo for about two years now. I had been using an old Palm IIIe and a cell phone. I always wanted both in one device (Carrying those two items and a big wallet is very cumbersome; I've been using a fanny pack to carry everything...). I have always liked the Palm OS so I did not give the 700wx any consideration. One big reason is the DateBk5/6 software from Pimlico (about $25). It is such a great and powerful way to manage your appointments. I think everybody should give Datebk5/6 a try. In addition, because the Palm OS is so simple, there are a lot of other good and cheap (sometimes free) third party enhancements available for download. I have been reluctant to buy a Treo for the last two years because my local carriers required that I sign up for data/web plan. I really only wanted to use the phone. Anyways, the price had dropped down compared to the earlier Treo's, and I was using email more and more, so I decided to bite the bullet and sign up. My monthly cost will more than double. I'll just have to get used to it. The phone and PDA are fantastic. I don't need my fanny pack anymore. I can put the Treo in one pocket of my jacket and my wallet in the other side. My Palm IIIe was almost 7 years old. Now I have a higher res colour screen. The camera and camcorder are a nice touch. The resolution is a bit grainy but not bad if I forget to bring my digital camera. More memory (60 mb compared to 2mb on my old IIIe), faster processor, everything is better. It has bluetooth and a music player (both of which I do not use) and a slot for a memory card. It also comes with DataViz Documents to Go to let you work on Word, Excel etc. documents. Since I am paying for it anyways, it is nice to be able to do mobile email and to do some mobile surfing on the web. I was disappointed that there was no built-in grafitti. In order to compete with the Blackberry, Palm put in a keyboard and got rid of the silkscreen input (On the earlier versions, palm offered both versions). I like using Graffiti. The keyboard is a bit small for my fingers. Anyways, because it uses a Palm OS, there is a free software called Graffiti Anywhere which allows you to use the touchscreen as a Graffiti input area. It took some getting used to but it works reasonably well. There is a better software called MobileWrite, but it is commercial shareware (about $25). From the start, I had a very serious echo problem with the phone. The person on the other end of the call would hear an echo of themselves whenever he/she spoke. The network carrier investigated and reset the system for my device, but they blamed the device and told me to exchange it for another handset. I did but I continued to experience the same problem. I read on the internet that the other caller's voice would feedback into my microphone. So I downloaded a trial version of a program called VolumeCare (about $15 -20 to buy) to adjust the caller volume and the microphone's sensitivity. However, I was not too happy with turning down the volume; it made it harder for me to hear the other caller and the other caller to hear me. Meanwhile, the network continued to work on the problem. Anyways, after about a week, the echo problem went away (and I am no longer using VolumeCare). I am not sure what the network did, but I believe that the network fixed the problem. I hope it does not come back Anyways, if you experience this echo problem with your Treo, call and complain to the network until they fix the problem, or try a new handset or VolumeCare as a last resort. When I had the echo problem, the speakerphone was next to useless. Now that there is no echo problem, the speakerphone appears to work reasonably well. End of Part 1 Read more Less

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