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GenreJazz, Pop, R&B
Media FormatAudio CD
ArtistFrank Mccomb
Record LabelSony

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  • Frank-ly Fabulous!!

    By Gen  Dec 13, 2001

    I lost my copy of this CD, and cried. I'm in love with Frank's smooth vocal style and lyrics that are thoughtful and passionate. I'm waiting eagerly for the next album...!

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  • Love Stories

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Nov 5, 2003

    Frank McComb has one of the sexiest voices I've heard in a very long time. His tones are full and rich and the way he phrases his lines are undescribable!! His lyrics remind me of an early Donny Hathaway. Deep and thought provoking. His vocals are ...similiar to Stevie Wonder at times and at other times Donny Hathaway! and you've got to be an awesome singer to get even close to either one of those greats!!!I just love this CD it stays close if not in the changer at all times!!! Read more Less

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  • Donny Hathaway's voice on "Eyes

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Sep 23, 2003

    I thought I was listening to Donny Hathaway on the first track of this CD. I enjoy nearly every track and can't get "If this is Love" out of my mind. I have to make myself take this CD out of the player to avoid playing it to death.

    Joseph Garrett

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  • The Donny Hathaway of Today

    By Waylynn  Aug 8, 2000

    I don't know what Columbia was thinking about when they decided not to promote this remarkable artist the way they should have. I heard this man's C.D. at a friends house and swore up and down that it was some never released Donny Hathaway, but in th...e same breath he is truly original. This project should not be shelved it should be in everyone's house, car, tape decks whatever it takes the world should be listening. If it never gets the exposure it deserves I would advise Columbia to re-release this project and do it like it should have been done the first time. This is a remarkable piece of artistry and it is music and vocal talents at it's best and at it's peak. Frank McComb has been needed in this industry for a while and this is the best writing I experienced in quite some time. Don't sleep on this project GO AND GET IT TODAY!!!!!!!!! Read more Less

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  • Amazing-understatement

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Sep 5, 2002

    Frank Mccomb is a pure example of "plain ol' good music". This is a classic example of beautiful lyrics combined with incredible vocals and the production is superb as well. I hate the fact that he isn't as popular as he should be. There is no rating... sufficient enough for this album. Again, I reemphasize that Frank Mccomb is a true talent. Dope!!! Read more Less

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  • Frank McComb is slamming!!

    By MARICOG  May 26, 2000

    This album is energetic and soulful,he's been the person that needed to come out a long time ago.My favorite song on the album is the Wedding Song, I would suggest everyone to take a listen to this song.Frank McComb is an inspiration to all musicians.... Read more Less

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