Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter

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Aaron Carter

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Aaron Carter


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GenreDance & Electronic, Pop

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    By nat  Aug 27, 2003

    he sounds like a friggin girl. i was laughing the whole time i was listening to this crap. DISGRACE TO THE MUSIC INDUSTRY!!!!!

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  • Oh come on!

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Sep 25, 2001

    ### OH COME ON!!!1.first of all you say that hes sooooo hott??LOOK AT HIS NOSE!! HUGE!! YUCK!!2.and listen to him sing?? COME ON..YOU MUST HAVE BETTER TASTE!3.his voice sux4.he is for little kids5.no sense in style6.he gives basketball a bad name7.Nsync...is sooo much better (nick..)8.he is living off of his brothers fame9.His whole family is messed up! (s-pesally his sister..LIKE WOW!)10.he is just plain WRONG! Read more Less

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  • He's a hottie!!!!

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Jan 10, 2000

    I absolutely loved Aaron Carter's CD. He is mine so don't try to steal him or this could get ugly. If Aaron is reading this, I have one thing to say to you. I do (cherish you). I love Aaron Carter and the Backstreet Boys. Bye!!

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    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Jul 19, 2001


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  • aaron carters ablum

    By Kara  Feb 3, 2009

    i love is music and this ablum was so good and the same with all his music and i cant wait till more comes out

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  • Aaron Carter shakes it up

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Dec 27, 1999

    ### This 12 year old hottie known as Aaron Carter has really let the world know what he is made of. Being BSB Nick Carter's little bro, he's got the path already made for him. His number one hit, Ive got a crush on you describes what many people think of...Aaron, even me.~Krystle Lewis,age:14 Read more Less

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  • WTF

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Apr 23, 2001

    Aaron Carter - the musical version of gay childporn ..im surprised thats legal! sick sick sick!

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  • i luved it!

    By Bud  Oct 27, 1999

    I loved it very much. The CD is so awesome.

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  • hey

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Aug 10, 2000

    Hey I'm Aaron Carter's biggest fan! I think he is so hott!!! I love all of his music and espically this album, he has a real gift for singing, i love his music it makes me happy! love ya Aaron!! ~*Molly*~

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  • Very Bad

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Sep 20, 2002

    Just like most pop out there today. Does Nick still wipe Aaron's little ass?

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