Philips HTS3544/37 Home Theater System

Philips HTS3544/37 Home Theater System

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Connect to and enjoy as many media sources as you can handle. This versatile home theatre system from Philips plays what you want to watch or hear, and even includes a GoGear and iPod dock. USB...More

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Connect to and enjoy as many media sources as you can handle. This versatile home theatre system from Philips plays what you want to watch or hear, and even includes a GoGear and iPod dock. USB Direct plays photos and music directly from a USB flash drive. An MP3 line-in connection lets you play music from portable media players. Bring all your favorite audio and video media to life with 1080i HDMI high definition. Video upconversion, DTS, Dolby Digital and Pro Logic II surround sound and 12-bit/108MHz video processing provide crystal clear audio and sharp, natural images.


Quick Glance
Interface ConnectionUSB Yes, HDMI Yes, Component Video Yes
Sound SupportedDolby Digital, DTS, Dolby Pro Logic II
Green ComplianceENERGY STAR
Product TypeHome Theater System
Speaker Channels5.1
Included ComponentsDVD Player
Included Devices
Number of Discs Supported1
Video FormatDVD Video, DivX, VCD, SVCD, MPEG-4, DivX 3.11, DivX 4.x, DivX 5.x, DivX 6, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, DivX Ultra
Audio Codecs SupportedCD-DA, MP3, WMA
Warranty Information1 Year
More Info
Additional Specifications
Weight8.91 lbs - Main Unit, 1.37 lbs - Front Speaker, 1.37 lbs - Rear Speaker, 2.82 lbs - Center Speaker, 10.54 lbs - Subwoofer
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6 Ratings | 3 Reviews

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  • Great value for price paid

    By Yahoo Shopping User  Aug 20, 2007

    ### I've been looking for a decent home theater system for a while, but didn't want to spend more than a couple hundred bucks. After looking at used systems and not finding one that met what I was looking for, I decided to give this one a try. The demonstration model didn't impress me, bass response was poor and the overall sound didn't seem to be that great. However, based on the good reviews I'd read from others who'd bought the system, I assumed it wasn't set up well in the store and decided to take a chance and get it - I could always take it back if I didn't like it. Bought it, got it home and set up in about an hour or so. I watched the second Lord of the Rings movie, and wow.....the sound was very impressive. Room-shaking bass response, center channel was crisp and clear, and surround effects seemed to put me right in the center of the action. It was just like watching it in the movie theater. In the middle of the movie my wife called me on the phone from upstairs and said the surround sound was surrounding the entire house, and the volume was only on 12 - max volume is 40! She thought maybe there was a thunder storm outside, but it was just the bass from the subwoofer. Overall I think it's a great value, easily comparable to systems costing more than twice as much. I'm very impressed with the sound, even with the lighter guage speaker wire that is comes with the system. The speaker cable is hard-wired to the speakers and have plug-in connectors that attach to the amp, so replacing those with heavier cable might be a little tricky. I think I might try doing that though, at least for the subwoofer and center speakers. My only other critique at this point would be the small remote buttons and tiny lettering on it....hard for these 49 y/o eyes to read in dim light. But once I get used to the buttons it shouldn't be a problem. As far as adjusting system settings, there's +/- 6db volume adjustment for each speaker, and also adjustment for time delay for each individual speaker. There is no ablility to raise or lower bass/treble settings of any speakers - this is my first surround system and I don't know if that's common or not, but I expected to be able to increase treble or bass. Perhaps that is accomplished just by adjusting the volume of the individual speakers. Even so, I don't have any complaints about the sound quality or tone levels - the bass is strong and booming and treble is crisp and clear, overall sound is well balanced with little distortion. An extra plus is the ipod docking station, I won't use it but my daughters should love it. I also like the fact that it has a USB port which allows files to be played that are stored on a USB memory stick. Bottom line, it's a lot of sound system for relatively little money. I recommend it. Read more Less

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  • A few quirks, more than great value

    By HenryJ  Mar 13, 2008

    ### First of all, I purchased this system when it was on sale at Target for only $149.99. At the time, the only other options for HTIB (Home theater in a box) at around that price for similar wattage are either budget brands, or those without a DVD playe...r (an 800-watt Sony system comes to mind). Philips HTS3544 not only have total system power of 1000 watts, but also comes with an upconverting (1080i) DVD player (single disc). A name brand upconverting DVD & DivX player alone costs at least $80.00. The value adds up only higher. As far as features go, Yahoo's Full Specs do a great job, so I will not be adding anything to it except for the following: It is possible to unlock this system's DVD player to play DVDs of all regions. No, we're not talking that it can play DVDs classified as Region 0 like some others (one of the Norcent players can play North American and "All Regions" DVDs), but literally, all other regions. This is by far the system's trump card compared to the others, and quite frankly, a feature which I am willing to take over better sound systems. The method by which to unlock it is available all over, so just search in Yahoo and you'll have no problem of finding it. It involves no uploading of any proprietary software, or software of any other kind. All it takes is a series of button presses on your remote. As far as some of the other features, the bass reproduction is very convincing if somewhat uneven. There are standard set of features involving audio/video syncing. HDMI connection will allow the set to produce excellent, uncompressed audio and video to your TV. Quite frankly, there is no reason to ask this set to take audio input from a TV. The unit has ample connection options, enough for me to hook up audio from 2 video game systems, HDMI out to TV. It also has a USB port, Line-in for all audio sources which use headphone jacks, an Ipod/Philips GoGear docking station. Now on to some of the negatives: This unit doesn't have many tuning options. There is no individual option to manipulate the bass/trebel in sound reproduction. There is one overall volume control and that's it. You can't adjust individual channel's volume on the fly. Instead, you would have to completely halt a DVD by pressing stop twice, navigate through the menu, and play with the individual channel's sound playback. Even then, each channel still only has a master volume control instead of individual bass/trebel. This option is quite a hassel to use, and certainly goes against Philip's slogan: Sense and Simplicity, as it makes neither. Another complaint is that the rear speakers are relatively quiet. That can be corrected through playing around with individual channel volume. A set-up options during initial start up would have been nice, to allow users to manually set speaker volumes before using the system. The remote itself looks very generic, though not as flimsy as typical Philips TV remotes. The buttons themselves still feel as though they can be worn very easily, although so far after using the unit for 5 months, there have been no noticeable wear and tear. Given all the above negatives, this unit is still an outstanding value and is definitely worth it for someone who imports many international films on DVD. Some of its lackluster audio options and performance issues can be easily overlooked as they really do not detract much from the overall experience of watching a movie. Also, as mentioned before, this unit upconverts to 1080i and plays DivX from both USB source and discs. Some of the test scenes I used for the purpose of this review: Claymore explosion scene in the beginning of Swordfish (bass, audio accuracy, robustness of sound reproduction) Several battle scenes in Braveheart. (effects) Dueling amongst tigers scene in Gladiator (audio accuracy) Drum dance scene from House of Flying Daggers (overall surround s Read more Less

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  • Terrible!

    By Yahoo Shopping User  Dec 29, 2007

    ### This thing is absolute junk! The remote only works half the time, the receiver will not take audio from my tv (Their support technicians said I had to run an rca cable to my dvr in the other room!), it does not play dvds, and the fm antenna does properly on the jack it plugs into. Their tech support is useless. Read more Less

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  • Philips HTS3544/37


    The Philips HTS3544/37 is an affordable DVD home theater system from Philips that gives you a complete movie experience in your living room. The system comprises of a DVD player/receiver, iPod dock, subwoofer, center channel and four satellite speakers. The HDMI output has 1080p upscaling for a true HD image. The DVD player is capable of playin virtually any disc format, the system is capable of playing DivX, MP3, WMA and JPEG digital camera photos and there is a built in AM/FM tuner. The included iPod dock makes enjoying your music and movie library as simple as possible, and there is a high speed USB 2.0 port for even more connectivity. The MP3 line in uses Plug and Play technology for easy MP3 listening. This unit also features EasyLink for easy contol of other supported devices through the HDMI port. Exceptional audio is provided by DTS, Dolby Digital and Pro Logic ... PROS: (1) iPod dock (2) built in AM/FM tuner (3) HDMI output (4) affordable price (5) good value - sound grea... Read more

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