Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition

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Windows XP Home Edition is the operating system designed exclusively for home computing. From digital photos, music, and video to building a home network, Windows XP brings you into the digital age...More

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Windows XP Home Edition is the operating system designed exclusively for home computing. From digital photos, music, and video to building a home network, Windows XP brings you into the digital age with ease.


Quick Glance
License TypeComplete Product
Media FormatCD-ROM
Min License Size1 user(s)
Version / EditionHome Edition
Max License Size1 User
System Requirements
Required Disk Space1.5 GB
Required Processor Speed233 MHz
Required Processor ClassIntel Pentium Processor
System RequirementsProcessor: PC with a 233-MHz or faster required 300-MHz Intel Pentium/Celeron family AMD K6/Athlon/Duron family, or compatible recommended Memory: 128 MB or more recommended (64 MB minimum supported; may limit performance and some features) Disk Space*: 1.5 GB required Drive: CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Display: Super VGA monitor and video adapter supporting 800 x 600 or higher resolution Video Card: For DVD video playback: DVD-ROM drive and DVD decoder card or DVD decoder software and 8 MB of video RAM For Windows Movie Maker: Video capture feature requires appropriate digital or analog video capture device 400-MHz or faster processor Input Device: Keyboard and Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device Internet Connection: 14.4-Kbps or faster modem Others: For instant messaging, voice and video conferencing, and application sharing, both parties need .NET Passport account and Internet access Network adapter appropriate for the type of network to which you wish to connect, and access to an appropriate network infrastructure * Hard-disk usage will vary based on configuration; custom install may use more or less disk space; additional hard-disk space may be required if you are installing over a network
Required Memory64 MB
Recommended System Requirements
Recommended Memory128 MB
Recommended Processor ClassIntel Pentium Processor
Recommended Processor Speed300 MHz
More Info
Additional Specifications
Upgrade InformationNot Applicable
License PricingStandard
Software NameWindows XP Home Edition
Language SupportEnglish
Brand NameMicrosoft
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User Reviews

101 Ratings | 37 Reviews

3.37 out of 5 stars

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  • the Best Window System To Date

    By NightWolf  May 4, 2006

    ### I bought Windows Xp in 2002. Ever since then I love it. It's easy to use, very good interface, and excellent color. It also helps you along the way if different stuff if you need it. I know Micrsoft is doing away with the updates for win 98/98 second...editon/ 2000/ME and all professional systems with those years. I recommend geting Windows XP Home edtion and Professional to keep up to date. Read more Less

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  • microsoft windows xp is the best thing y

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Feb 6, 2002

    its slow, sluggish, and unstable just like me but it sure packs a wallop!

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  • i like windows xp

    By sleepyron  Apr 24, 2003

    Windows xp make everything work so much better. I was running windows 98 se and this blows it away. I dont know why everyone doesnt like it. I first got it to laugh at it and to tell other people that it sucks.

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  • Best O/S since Windows 95!!!

    By HockeyFan  Oct 25, 2001

    ### Windows XP is definitely the best O/S since Windows 95 came out. Gone are the days with crashes, blue screens, reboots, and unstability. I bought my computer 2 weeks ago with Windows XP included and I must say I haven't experienced a single crash or...a need to reboot. Windows XP's user interface is beautiful and clean. Once you see windows XP you are going to be amazed! Although for some people the user interface might be a complete change from previous versions of windows, you can always change back to "classic" mode. I also have to say that windows XP boots faster than ever. Windows XP comes with Internet Explorer 6.0, a built-in firewall and many other useful programs. Windows XP's multimedia features are outstanding since you can now copy music from CD's to your hard disk, write your own music if you have a CD writer, play DVD's (if you have the hardware or software DVD decoder already installed). Since Windows XP was created from a Windows 2000 platform, it is designed for security, networking, and most of all, reliability. I have read many reviews of people complaining about Windows XP and that's because of the fact that their computers are too slow. I must say that Windows XP is very demanding on hardware. Installing it on less than Microsoft's recommended minimum would be a big mistake and a waste of money. Make sure your system complies with Windows XP's minimum requirements otherwise Windows XP will seem worse than any other Operating Systems. If your computer has the system requirements to run Windows XP I suggest you upgrade or buy it. You won't be dissapointed.The only downside of all this is if you have more than one computer at home and you want to upgrade them all then you will have to buy Windows XP for each machine since you now have to register Windows XP with Microsoft. Once, you register your copy of Windows XP you won't be able to use it on any other machines since Windows XP will ask you for a registration key. And since you have already registered your copy of Windows XP with one machine your registration code will not work and after 30 days Windows XP will stop working. This means that if you ever change any hardware from your computer, you will have to register your copy of Windows XP with Microsoft explaining what changes you have made and then they will determine if you are really changing or adding hardware or trying to install Windows XP on another machine. Microsoft has done this to make a major cut on piracy of their software. This will force everyone to buy their copy of Windows XP. Some people will not be happy with this since they will not be able to afford multiple copies of Windows XP to upgrade their computers at home. Other than that, Windows XP is the greatest O/S since Windows 95!!! Read more Less

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    By Noor  Dec 20, 2001


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    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Nov 16, 2006

    ### This is a very good quality OS, despite what you all say. My computer was built for Windows 98 SE, but it works much better with XP Home. I don't understand why it wouldn't work on other people's systems except for the amount of RAM they may need. Th...ey may also need a faster proccessor. But then again I'm sure that everyone has a faster proccessor than mine. 450MGz Pentium 3. The thing I don't like about XP Home is, the amount of space that it takes up to install onto one of my harddrives. I'm happy that I have two of them. Some software still won't work, but most of it works fine. I never want to see 98SE again. XP is the OS for my computer. Read more Less

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  • XP is a great OS

    By michael  Mar 3, 2005

    ### I liked this OS out of the box. The install was easy and all my devices were installed correctly. Have been using this OS for several months without a crash. I read several of the reviews and cannot understand why so many people hate this OS. I's a Microsoft thing. Well It works just fine for me and that is the bottom line. You should not have any major problem with this OS. Read more Less

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  • hell

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  May 29, 2003


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  • XP

    By Danny Melton  Apr 20, 2002

    ### This by far is Microsoft's best yet.I have been building my own computers for years and have installed every version of windows at one time or another. Never have I worked with an o/s that configures hardware as easily as XP--it rocks!I'm definately...hooked. The UI is awesome too.. p.s.I think the negative comments posted here are due to installations on older pc's or systems with less than 256meg ram. I would recommend a memory upgrade prior to installation. Read more Less

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  • rate this product

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Aug 20, 2003

    Its better than I expected!

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    Even if you're a Microsoft sceptic, Windows XP is impressive. It appears to be more stable than before and adds welcome support for a number of extras, like digital cameras and video. A touch expensive, though, and the upgrade option could lead you down a tedious, time-consuming path. Read more

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