Square Enix LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game PlayStation 2

Square Enix LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game PlayStation 2 (PlayStation 2)

13 Ratings | 7 Reviews


The world's most successful film series meets the world's most successful toy in the epic video game LEGO Star Wars. This brilliantly conceived alliance blends the unique world and designs of LEGO...More

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The world's most successful film series meets the world's most successful toy in the epic video game LEGO Star Wars. This brilliantly conceived alliance blends the unique world and designs of LEGO play materials with the unforgettable characters, stories and vehicles of the prequel eras of the Star Wars universe. Play the most memorable and exhilarating scenes from The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and the forthcoming Episode III Revenge of the Sith including pod racing on Mos Espa, the repelling of the droid onslaught in the Genosian arena and Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon's fatal fight with Darth Maul. Besides controlling the likes of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Anakin Skywalker and R2-D2, notorious dark side enemies such as Jango Fett, Darth Maul and Count Dooku appear in thrilling showdowns. As you progress through the game you unlock many new characters including those from the Dark Side, and you must switch between them to solve puzzles using their special abilities.


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ESRB RatingE (Everyone)
Game GenreAction/Adventure Game
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13 Ratings | 7 Reviews

4.38 out of 5 stars

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  • 8.5 Suitable for Kid

    By Mr.Anji V.I.P  Oct 20, 2006

    ### The idea of retelling the story of Star Wars using Lego building blocks sounds like the premise for a clever fan-made short film, something that would end up being passed around by e-mail and message boards. But Eidos and Traveller's Tales have taken...the idea and run with it, creating a game that, while designed with kids in mind, has such a surplus of charm that even nostalgia-minded adults will be able to join in on the fun. Those same adult Star Wars fans may be disappointed to learn that Lego Star Wars doesn't tell the tale of the Rebel Alliance and their struggle against the evil Galactic Empire. Rather, Lego Star Wars focuses its energies on Episodes I, II, and III. That's right, you'll get a glimpse of how Revenge of the Sith turns out nearly a full two months before the film hits theaters. There are plenty of "spoilers" in the game, although this isn't the strictest retelling and it isn't afraid to regularly inject some humor into what were originally pretty serious situations. Still, it seems odd that an officially sanctioned product like this, one that reveals so much about the final days of Anakin Skywalker, would be released so far ahead of the film. Each episode is broken up into multiple chapters, each re-creating memorable sequences from the films. The game is largely an action adventure game, though it subverts its fair share of genre convention. You'll only have control over a single character at a time, but you'll usually have at least one computer-controlled companion with you, and at times that number can grow to a healthy half-dozen. Making this even more interesting is the fact that you can switch between any characters in your party on the fly. The game really capitalizes on this by giving different characters different abilities. Jedi characters come equipped with lightsabers and the ability to "Force move" various objects; Astromech droids (the R2D2 trash-can-style droids) can hover for short distances and can also be used to unlock certain doors; and characters like Padme Amidala are armed solely with a blaster and don't have the Jedi double-jump, but they can use grappling hooks to pull their way up to otherwise unreachable areas. There are literally dozens of different playable characters, many of which have completely unique abilities. The actual gameplay is generally enjoyable, if a bit easy. But what really gives Lego Star Wars its appeal is the way it's all presented--that is, with Legos. The game fudges a little bit on some of the actual level geometry, but the majority of it appears as though it was constructed out of those little Danish building blocks. All of the characters, even the various aliens, look like Lego people, and when an enemy or an object is destroyed, it will crumble into its component pieces. There are a few set pieces where the game looks downright impressive, but for the most part it keeps things on a relatively small scale. It generally isn't overzealous with lighting and particle effects, so the game therefore has a somewhat plain, but clean look. The differences between the PC and PlayStation 2 versions are purely aesthetic and relatively minor. The PC version simply looks a lot nicer, thanks to bump-mapping and some reflection effects. The PC version also benefits from running at a higher resolution. Read more Less

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  • Proving that everything in life should be legoized

    By brew Crew 7  Jun 12, 2005

    ### Some people may look at this game and say that its way too kiddy, but once you start to play, you'll find out its a lot better than you expected. The amount of fun you have while playing this game is so high its scary! I loved this game. The sound, g...ameplay, graphics, and basically everything was good. The only con that I can note is that the game is a bit too easy and can be beaten in 5 hours depending on your skill level. The main thing that makes you wan tot continue playing once you've beaten it is to show your friends, and to unlock Darth Vader. And the Lego dudes are just sooo damn cool! Read more Less

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  • LEGO Star Wars PlayStation 2

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Oct 20, 2006

    ### Lego Star Wars II puts a greater emphasis on vehicles than the original. You'll happen upon small carts, landspeeders, and AT-STs that you can pilot in the action adventure chapters, though there are also chapters dedicated to memorable sequences lik...e destroying both of the Death Stars, fighting off imperial forces in your snowspeeder on Hoth, and racing speeder bikes through the forests of Endor. These dedicated vehicle chapters make the game feel more epic and break up the action nicely, but Hoth has been done to death already, and some of the sequences aren't as visceral as you might like. This is due largely to a stiff camera, something that occasionally hampers the action adventure levels as well. The camera usually stays in a fixed position, and though you're allowed a little wiggle room, there are a few specific points where it's easy to get stuck because the path is obscured. Read more Less

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  • Perfect game

    By Frank  Jul 28, 2007

    M���t tr�� ch��i th�� v���, vui nh���n

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  • lego star wars

    By Brent  Dec 8, 2005

    this game has so many characters, almost every star wars character you can imagine!!!!! it doesn't get boring. you can do almost anything!!!!!!it's so fun!!i recommend anyone that likes star wars should buy this game!!!!

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  • Lego Star Wars ROCKS

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Aug 26, 2005

    If u dont buy u lose

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  • better than to be expected

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Jun 19, 2005

    ### overall I thought the game was very original and entertaining. One thing I really liked the dexters diner style menu. I also the the free play idea was good, as well as always being able to do coop without using extra memory. In general, I thought th...e game had some good concepts, but was somewhat lacking in overall game play Read more Less

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  • Lego Star Wars (PS2)


    This is probably one of the better kids' games to hit the market in a while, and that it's clever and charming enough to appeal to adults is a testament to that fact. Read more

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