Apex AD-703 DVD Player

Apex AD-703 DVD Player

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  • Excellent Bargain and Features

    By Carl  May 7, 2001

    ### I love these features: 1 - Play MP3s with On-Screen display2 - 3 disc capacity3 - Karaoke4 - Can disable Region Codes & Macrovision (search the web and you'll find how)5 - a plethora of output jacks of each variety6 - RCA cables includedI was pleasan...tly surprised to find the Apex AD-703 for just $179 at several on-line and local retailers. I've had the player for a few months now and performance has been very good.A few cons:1 - When manually switching between MP3s you occasionally drop the first second or so of the next song.2 - The player had minor and VERY INFREQUENT problems with DVD playback which lasted only a split second or so. (I've noticed this on my "name" brand DVD players too - it is not unique to Apex!!)3 - Remote lacks a Power button (not an issue if you are plugging into an AMP or A/V Receiver)4 - MP3 file names truncate to 8 characters5 - Cannot shuffle across multiple Audio CDs6 - Cannot seem to shuffle at all in MP3sI can easily live with these minor issues - especially when I can disable Macrovision and Region codes. If you are an absolute perfectionist you will need to spend a whole lot more for improvements (and possibly still be disappointed)... Read more Less

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  • Great features, questionable quality

    By Rostaman  Mar 13, 2001

    ### I was looking for a DVD player with a lot of features: the ability to play MP3s, multi disc, and karaoke. I was surprised when I found the Apex AD-703 for just $179 at my local Circuit City. I've had the player for nearly 3 months now and performa...nce is good but not perfect. When I try to play MP3s, all songs start at :01, with the first second or so of each song chopped off. I sent an e-mail to Apex customer support, received a reply a few days later, and made the changes recommended. It didn't solve the problem. The player also seems to freeze the image at the very beginning of some DVDs, and I couldn't get it to play the bonus features for the Erin Brockovich DVD. Of the 2 dozen or so DVDs I've played, 3 have had minor problems.Aside from lacking a Power button, the remote is fairly easy to use and the owner's manual is fairly easy to understand (however, there was no registration card enclosed). The karaoke and CD player work A-OK.I don't expect this player to last forever, but for $179 I can hopefully have some fun with it for at least a few years. If you're looking for a top quality DVD, you may want to look elsewhere. If you're looking for a fairly good DVD loaded with features, this may be all you need. Read more Less

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  • dvd

    By potato soup  Feb 23, 2001

    paid $149.00 at american.great buy.played dvd,cd-r,and cdrw.only negative is there's no power button on remote.

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  • Apex AD-703 is not too bad

    By Marc C  Jan 4, 2002

    ### I bought my Apex 703 last year and it was verygood. I used it a lot for karaoke. To achiveda very good result it must be integrated toyour home theater system. The sound will reallydepend on the receiver and the kind of speakersyou have. Also the mic...rophone plays a very important factor for the sound quality. Getone that sells for at least $50.00. Sometimesthe dvd player will stop while playing CD's or movies. Check and make sure those discs arefree of dust ( a simple blowing on the surfacewill do the trick). Read more Less

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  • Like it, but...

    By Weilin  Mar 29, 2001

    ### I got my APEX DVD by be attracted by:1) Karaoke function with 2 microphone plug-in2) can play MP33) 3-disk changeable4) lower priceHowever, somewhat unsatisfied with it because:1) when it is connected to VCR, even without recording function on, it ha...s copyright protection by constantly changing the picture brightness. That is bad for me since my TV has no A/V input. When I called customer service, I was told to buy a "switchable RF modulator". (Radio Shack sells it for $30)2) Only can play "Region 1" DVD. I got a "Gladiator" marked as "Region 4". My friend's Panasonic DVD player can play it, but not my APEX ;(3) Remote control can turn off the power to standby, but cannot turn it back on.But thinking about the price and all its functions, it is still more useful to me than the other available products. I don't know why in the States, there are few DVD brands that have Karaoke. But I am really a Karaoke fannnnnnn. Read more Less

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  • Apex AD-703 I'm sure there are better o

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Feb 26, 2001

    ### This is my first dvd player, and I think I will take it back. The key selling points were the price and the mp3 decoding. My 60 disc changer has been on the the blink for a while, and mp3 cds give me all the music i want and none that I don't. But...this thing is very quirky. Splotchy video, choppy audio. And when playing MP3 CDs, the 1st second or two of every track is cut off (but it doesn't do that when in the PC). So I might go for the AIWA, which cost more and only holds 1 disc, but they have a better reputation. Read more Less

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  • Apex AD-703

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Mar 23, 2001

    ### I bought Apex for the price. This was a mistake. I bought one then had a problem playing/skipping/ poor resolution and then I returned it and exchange it for the same model thinking that I got a back machine. The second one stop playing in the midd...le of movie. IT WAS TERRIBLE. DO NOT BUY. Spend the extra $50 and save yourself a headache.Fkuehnel Read more Less

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  • APEX needs quality control

    By ShawnG  Feb 8, 2001

    Great little machine for the price (179). However it is virtually useless thanks to video and audio out-of-sync problems. This is a common problem among these machines. APEX! How about some quality control!

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