Sportline 360 Total Fitness Pedometer Multicolor - WV3486RY SLI029

Sportline 360 Total Fitness Pedometer Multicolor - WV3486RY SLI029

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Total Fitness Pedometer

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Total Fitness Pedometer


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  • Sportline 360 Fitness Pedometer

    By El  Dec 22, 2011

    ### I got this at the Goodwill for $2.50 still in the package. When I got home, I read a couple of reviews that weren't good. When I set it up, inputing the calculated stride, time etc, I took it to a 1/4 track to test it out. Amazingly, it was dead on....After walking one time around the track, it showed exactly .25 mile. I walked another walk around and it showed .50 mile. I was amazed. I have another pedometer and it isn't this accurate. I think the secret is to just follow the instructions. Make sure it's clipped on your belt aligned with the "crease line" of your pants...NOT your hip. Make sure you have it level. I checked it by looking in the mirror. As my belt is not level, making the pedometer level meant one side was higher on the belt than the other side (looked slightly crooked). Not sure of durability as I just got it, but so far (just one day) I'm pleased. The accuracy was on a level track where all strides are equal. When I go out for a walk thru town, the strides are not uniform, so it obviously will loose it's accuracy, but then all pedometers will. Anyway, I happy so far. For $2.50 you can't go wrong. Just remember to follow instructions in placement. Read more Less

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