Cingular AT&T 8525 Cell Phone

Cingular AT&T 8525 Cell Phone

283 Ratings | 57 Reviews
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Quick Glance
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows Mobile 5
Data Capabilities3G/UMTS, EDGE, Enhanced Message Service (EMS), GPRS
Form FactorSlide
Interface ConnectionUSB - Universal Serial Bus, Bluetooth
SlotsMicroSD Card
Smart FeaturesCamera Flash, Email, Integrated Camera, Integrated MP3 Player, Java, Video Conferencing, Voice Recorder
Physical Features
Input MethodControl Pad, Keyboard, Stylus, Touchscreen
System Features
Processor Speed400 MHz
Internal Storage Memory128 MB
Rear Camera
Rear Camera Megapixels2.0
Wireless Communication
Cellular Frequency TechnologyGSM 1800Mhz, GSM 900Mhz, GSM 850MHz, GSM 1900MHz
Max Standby Time (Battery)200 hour(s)
Max Talk Time (Battery)5 hour(s)
Height4.5 in
Width2.3 in
Depth0.9 in
Weight6.2 oz
More Info
Additional Specifications
Included DevicesHeadphones, USB Cable
Normalized-Installed Memory128
Network Architecture SupportedWireless Ethernet - 11 Mbps IEEE802.11b, Wireless Ethernet - 54 Mbps IEEE802.11g
Special FeaturesHandwriting Recognition, Voice Dialing
Description8525 Smartphone
Color Depth65,536 Colors (16-bit)
Normalized-Processor Speed400
Installed Memory128 MB
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User Reviews

283 Ratings | 57 Reviews

4.39 out of 5 stars

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  • Amazing! Beats iPhone hands Down

    By CiNEMATiC JESi  Oct 21, 2007

    ### I absolutly love this phone, I used to carry around a PALM PDA and a cell phone and decided to find something that would replace the both of them. However, most smart phones don't offer the beloved WiFi, because I didn't want to buy the data...plan this meant I would have to lug around my two devices. Since this phone has wifi built in along with Windows Mobile, I decided to take the risk, and I'm so glad I did. Its definitly a number one pick! Read more Less

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  • Totally Love It!

    By shortone  May 6, 2008

    ### I got it when it came out, and was really expensive, but worth it! I like the fact that I can search the web and it is fast. I also like the fact that I can connect it to my laptop and the internet is super fast. I love it! There really isn't anythin...g bad about this phone. I like every single thing about it! Read more Less

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  • Great phone for the Tech Savvy

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Mar 23, 2007

    ### Ease of use isn't bad if know your way around a computer. Typical for windows: many settings are hidden in strange places or not logically grouped. Even if you're are a tech-junkie, you'll probably spend a lot of time figuring this out. More features...means there's more to set up and more to learn. I've had mine for almost 6 months and I've finally got my settings perfect. God forbid I'll have to do a hard reset. Once you have your "push" email, Bluetooth sync, and favorite software set up, the 8525 is an incredible tool. All things considered, I would have paid more for it. TIP: Search the web for a free app called PTTFix. This allows you to program the useless PTT button to do something else. Three things frustrate me: 1. No locking switch. My old PDA had a handy "hold" switch on the side. WM5 has a software lock, but it's cumbersome. You can push the power button during a call to keep from pushing buttons with your face, but nothing keeps it from answering when you touch the case it's ringing in. 2. The camera's good, but the cheap LED flash is worthless. This almost ruins the point of a 2MP camera. 3. The Headphone jack is a mini USB jack. You have to use the included "special" headphones (cheap, tangle-prone, short, POS). Good news: There's a $30 adapter out there somewhere for the HTC Hermes that converts mini-USB to 1/8" stereo. But if you're shelling the dough out for this phone, you'll probably drop $100 on some BT headphones. Read more Less

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  • Great Phone overall

    By tp453809  Feb 6, 2007

    ### I love the phone and after you learn to use the phone then it is very easy to use, however that is the only real complaint I have. I don't know if none of them do but mine didn't come with a book, and even the tutorial online is not accurate and give...s no real help. Granite tech support has been friendly and helpful they are looking at the same tutorial I am on the computer. So so far has been a slow learning process and one that I am able to not have a problem due to the quality of the phone. A very great phone!! Read more Less

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  • Cingular 8525-My fav phone yet

    By Jen  Feb 23, 2007

    ### This is my favorite phone yet!! I had, non-PDA phones (like Razr..), Blackberry, SX66 & 8125, & this is the best yet. Looks HOT, compact, battery life is much better than any of my other PDA phones, I can use it a lot during the day (check emails, su...rf the web & talk on the phone) & charge it at night. The slide out keyboard has nice big/wide keys for typing fast, surfing the web is much faster even when I'm not in the 3G areas, it is easy to use with one hand with the soft keys & scroll wheel, the camera takes great pictures when uploaded on the computer. Honestly, I think the list can go on with the pros so let me get to the cons. I have had a few times where I wasn't getting my emails. I have the phone set up so every 15 minutes it would check automatically, but they didn't go thru, I had to manually select "send/receive". I either had to reboot the phone, take out the battery, turn it off, &/or reset the internet connection. I have had the phone about 4 months & have had to do it about 7 times. I bought a 1G SanDisk micro SD card & at first it got stuck in there but now it fits good. I have also noticed it not 'clicked' in there properly, so if I didn't notice it I would of lost it, but that is a minor problem. Overall I am VERY happy with the phone. I haven't used all the features 'yet' but so far I am very happy. I usually get sick of phones every 6 months & want a new one. I'm not even close to getting sick of this phone. Read more Less

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  • My Best Phone EVER!!!

    By Hector Z  May 26, 2007

    ### I am a tech; and I have owned and reviewed many PDA/Black Berries phones. This phone is the best phone I have owned yet. The others don’t have the networking ability… The capabilities of this phone are everything I have wanted; some users say tha...t the downside of this phone is learning how to use all the features (hmmmm). Well, if a robust phone is NOT what you want stick to your RAZOR or a flip phone. If you want a true PDA phone with all the capabilities available this is your phone. Read more Less

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  • it's good

    By groopieluv  Feb 14, 2008

    i like it

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  • AT & T 8525 Cell Phone

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Apr 14, 2008

    AT & T 8525 Cell Phone

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  • It's all about the Apps

    By Yahoo Shopping User  Mar 24, 2007

    ### First off I am a Treo 650/700P user....loads of apps....goodlink etc. I had to get a WinMobile phone and decided to upgrade my spare phone which was on Cingular. Amazing phone and I made right choice as I also have experience with Treo 750,700W,Q an...d BJack. The 8525 takes a dump all over those other devices. It's all about the apps!! 1. SlingBox......get it and load the WINMOB client on the 8525.....and never be without again!! This alone is worth every penny of the data plan, if you are a mobile worker. 2. Synch with MS EXCH....this blows the doors off goodlink in terms of simplicity and speed. Good does have a few features like access to public folders and notes....but point the 8525 to the corporate owa server and have two way push email. 3. Google Maps.....there is a mobile client and I found it VERY helpful to have on the device....and only wish the 8525 had an OPEN GPS. 4. MSN works great.....IM, hotmail..... 5. Avaya IP Softphone.....perfect example of an app that can run while connected to WiFi. Once again the PDA version is required as well some VPN access...depending on your corp setup. Nothing like flipping the switch on the 8525 and transforming it into a full featured corporate telephone/with access to the complete telephony air time (WiFi). So get your BT Stereo headsets/ear buds...load up the slingbox.....crank out some emails....set your appts...IM your friends and co-workers....proof your office docs....lookup your next calls directions....check your flight stocks....access the corp telephone network...and have a nice day. Only had the phone a week....give me a month and the app list will be really cranking!!!! Read more Less

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  • Great little pc

    By mark  Apr 16, 2007

    ### This thing is great overall. It may be too big if you have a physical job like mine in the army but I still carry it to work everyday. The large touch screen worries me that I will break it eventually on accident, but for most people, that probably w...ill not be a factor. There is no normal keypad for dialing, that is a little annoying. Other drawbacks are that it grabs attention and friends will ask you if they can use it to check on their myspace page or email. It is a fun little pc though, if you have the extra money, it is worth it just for the fact that you can waste so much down-time playing with it. Decent camera and video for a cell phone, Microsoft IE on a phone rules, the screen is great if somewhat vulnerable. I can't wait to see the video games and programs that will come out for Windows mobile in the future. Read more Less

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