Sony Mavica MVC-FD85 Digital Camera

Sony Mavica MVC-FD85 Digital Camera

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The Cisco Catalyst 3120 is engineered with unique technologies specifically designed to meet the rigors of the blade server infrastructure.

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The Cisco Catalyst 3120 is engineered with unique technologies specifically designed to meet the rigors of the blade server infrastructure.


Quick Glance
Memory Card SupportFloppy Diskette
Camera Type(Not Specified)
Lens Mount(Not Specified)
Image Processor
Total Pixels(Not Specified)
Other Features
Interface ConnectionAudio - Line Out (RCA Phono), Video - RCA Composite Video
Flash(Not Specified)
Lens Features
Optical Zoom(Not Specified)
Digital Zoom(Not Specified)
Max Aperture(Not Specified)
Installed Memory(Not Applicable)
Height(Not Specified)
Weight(Not Specified)
Width(Not Specified)
ClassAudio Visual Accessory
Depth(Not Specified)
Warranty Information(Not Specified)
Additional Specifications
Image FormatJPEG, MPEG
Normalized-Installed Memory0 MB
Max Focal Length(Not Specified)
Language Localization(Not Specified)
Labor Warranty(Not Applicable)
FeaturesAutomatic Flash, Manual Flash (on/off), Red-eye reduction, Self Timer
Parent Product Family(Not Specified)
Number of Resolution Modes(Not Specified)
Manufacturer SkuMVC-FD85
Geographic Localization(Not Specified)
Metering Characteristics(Not Specified)
X-Sync(Not Specified)
Minimum Shutter Speed(Not Specified)
Manufacturer Retail Type(Not Specified)
Manufacturer DescriptionMavica FD85 Digital Camera
Technical Support URL
Min Focus Distance(Not Specified)
DescriptionDigital Camera Mavica FD85 1280x960 JPEG/MPEG Digital Camera
Bulb Setting(Not Specified)
Max Zoom6 X
Maximum Image Capacity40
Maximum Shutter Speed(Not Specified)
Exposure Settings(Not Specified)
Operating System(Not Specified)
White BalanceAuto
Case Pack Quantity1
Focus Features(Not Specified)
Product FamilyDigital Camera
Technical Support Phone Number800-326-9551
Included ComponentsBattery, Charger, Power Adapter
Image Sensor Quantity1
Product Line Series ModelMavica FD85
Power SourceAC Input, Lithium
Image Sensor Size(Not Specified)
UPC(Not Specified)
Min Aperture(Not Specified)
System TypeApple Macintosh, PC (Intel x86 Compatible)
Image Capacity Standard40
Frames per Second(Not Specified)
ISO Equivalencies(Not Specified)
Min Focal Length(Not Specified)
Max Horizontal Image Resolution1280 Pixels
Base Warranty(Not Applicable)
Included Software(Not Specified)
Parts Warranty(Not Applicable)
Max Vertical Image Resolution960 Pixels
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  • Still use mjy MVC-FD85

    By Telling It Like It Is 2007  Aug 8, 2011

    ### I bought this camera back in 2001 and I still use it. I've taken tons of great pics with it over the last ten years and I really have no desire to buy a newer digital camera - this one works just fine for me, still after all these years. Took a Malaysia (where I met my wife!!) and brought this camera along - got some great overseas pics. I always liked the floppy disc aspect of it. Many times what I would do is take some pics for someone, then just pop out the floppy and hand it to them "Here's your pics!!" and all they had to do was pop it in their floppy drives. No USB connecting cables or downloads. I only wish that floppies could hold more bytes. I never did buy the memory stick adapter for it and I don't know if you can even get them anymore. Sony doesn't even make this camera anymore so I imagine accessories are hard to get nowadays. What I do is just carry more floppies with me when I go somewhere. Computers don't come with floppy disk drives built in anymore like they used to, but I have a USB floppy drive that I can hook up to my laptop that I use to transfer the pics from my FD85 to my laptop computer. Still takes great pics without missing a beat and it will be exactly ten years since I bought it. Read more Less

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  • Amazing camera

    By Amberly  Mar 16, 2005

    ### I really enjoy my Mavica camera. And as far as the action photo's go, I take many action photos with mine. I scrapbook and was co-editor for my highschool newspaper and we used a mavica camera. You just need to know how to use it. If you push the but...ton down one time, a green light should come on, keep it held down until your ready to take the picture. Then it takes it perfectly. Sometimes if you move it to fast the pics will turn out fuzzy, but thats about it. I love my camera Read more Less

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  • Phenominal Camera

    By paul_l_obrien  Nov 26, 2001

    Love the fact that it works off a floppy disk. No need to worry about USB connections or the various memory cards that they can't seem to standardize. You can get photos off this camera anytime, anywhere.

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    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Jan 23, 2001

    ### I really love this camera, and I have had some experience with digital cameras in the past. The only fault a person could find with this camera is the fact that you really are unable to take "action photos" with it - but then I don't suppose the FD8...5 was manufactured for that purpose. All the other functions that the camera DOES offer more than make up for this one small fault - in mind anyway. Unless you are a person who takes a lot of "action photos" I highly recommend this camera. I would also like to recommend the site from which I ordered the camera - LIFELINE.COM - which I found using Yahoo Shopping. They had the camera to my door in 3 days, and that was in the middle of the 2000 Holiday Season, during which time it was difficult to get anything delivered with any expediency! Read more Less

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  • Sony Mavica MVC-FD85

    Like all other Mavica cameras, the photos are recorded on a 31/2 inch floppy disk. Read more

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