Whirlpool Cabrio WTW6600SW Washer

Whirlpool Cabrio WTW6600SW Washer

3 Ratings | 24 Reviews
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Quick Glance
Green ComplianceYes
Tub Capacity4.5 cu. ft
Washer typeTop load
General Info
Loading TypeTop Loading
Wash Capacity18 lbs
FeaturesAutomatic Cycles, Bleach Dispenser, Delay Start, End of Cycle Signal, Noise Reduction, Status Indicator
Detailed Info
# Of Wash Cycle Settings11
# Of Water Temperature Setting5
Height42 in
Width28 in
Depth27 in
Warranty InformationOne Year Limited
More Info
Additional Specifications
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User Reviews

3 Ratings | 24 Reviews

3.67 out of 5 stars

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  • Water, knots & wrinkles

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Feb 28, 2007

    ### I like the large capacity, with a big family it has cut down on the number of loads. It is quiet and spins the clothes almost dry. I know these washers are suppose to conserve water but, I don't feel like it's enough to clean the clothes well. Most o...f all, I can't stand the way the clothes come out tangled. The shirts are knotted up into little balls. When I shake them out, they are so wrinkled it's hard to believe. More cons than pros. Sorry. Think twice. I wish I had sent mine back right away instead of waisting that week giving it a chance. Read more Less

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  • Exploding cabrio

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Mar 12, 2008

    ### After 15 months of extremely wrinkled clothing (even if you shake them out and untwist them) the drum exploded out the back of the machine. Sending it and the dryer across the room. The machine is completely destroyed and the dryer dented and scratch...ed. There are plastic peices everywhere. If anyone had been standing in front of this machine at the time they would have been crushed between the machine and a cabinet. Very DANGEROUS!!! We also have property damage from all of the water. I'm out of warreny. They say they will pay for parts, but I'm responsible for labor at the tume of $300. The parts cost $1539. The machine only cost $900. Makes no sense, other than the fact that Whrilpool does not what to admit that this product is seriously defective. Read more Less

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    By MicheleA  Apr 14, 2009

    ### i've had this washer/dryer set for a full month and i HATE them. i hated them after the 2nd time i used them, but now i REALLY HATE them. the washer twists everything up into knots and i don't think clothes can get clean when they are twisted up that...way. the dryer never drys anything fully unless i set the timer to something like 70 minutes, so the preset drying times are pretty useless. i also think the wrinkle shield feature is USELESS. also, i just put my dog's bed in the washer and it now has black stains on it that were not on it when it went into the washer. ??? how the heck does something come out of the washer DIRTIER THAN IT WAS WHEN IT WENT IN? oh, and after a full month of owning this washing machine, there are already little plastic strips coming off of the detergent, bleach, and fabric softner "cups" inside the machine. WTF??? these products are pure garbage. do yourself a favor and stay away from these products. i wish i had. if i could move these machines myself i would throw them out the window like in the commercials... Read more Less

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  • cabrio performance

    By Eduardo  Nov 20, 2007

    ### I think it is a good machine, but the water level for washing I think is very low and the sheets donĀ“t move adecuately also when you wash jeans in normal or in heavy cycles, the water level is too low and the air trapped under the sheets doest not g...o out and the sheet or the jeans doesnt move adecuate while washing or rinse. the test i made with towels was really great and worked perfect. what I do to increase the water level to press pause button and add more water during washing cycle and machine works much better. please if someone knows how to improve this wahing machine, please let me know. Thanks Read more Less

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  • Don't buy this

    By catlady  Nov 6, 2008

    ### loved it at first [hadn't read reviews] Now it won't start properly most of the time...constantly shuts down as it's starting. Also has very long wash cycles. I didn't notice a difference in the cleanliness of the clothes..and it spins most things in...to tied up knots. Don't waste your money...I wish I hadn't! Read more Less

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  • Cabrio Junk

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  May 11, 2007

    does not properly wash clothes repaired 3x in 5 months not all clothes get wet leaves crusted on food on items twists and wrinkles everything

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  • Cabrio - looks nice but it bites!

    By Courtney  Jul 8, 2008

    ### Bought cabrio washer and dryer in Dec. 2006. We had code of F51 after a few months and it took over 3 weeks to get repaired. We needed a new board. June 10th 2008 our washer gave the same code of F51 I called Best Buy (we have an extended warranty) t...hey sent out a technican on June 14th. Ordered a new board on 14th and now it is July 8th and I am still w/o washer because part is back ordered until July 27th! I have called everyday and I have been turned over to someone new everytime. If 1 more person tells me "I understand how you feel" I'm going to explode! I am so frustrated, all I want is my washer to work!!!!! Read more Less

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  • Whirlpool/Maytag Cabrio Class Action Law Suite

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Mar 30, 2008

    ### Bought a Whirlpool/Maytag Cabrio 10/2007 from Home Depot. The machine worked for about 4 months and I haven't been able to use my washing machine since. It has an error code 50 & 51. Warranty repairman order two parts about 2 week ago then came back...to install replacement parts, after taking off two times from work, it still not fix and he ordered 3 more parts, now I going to take another day off from work for the 3rd time. We are having to wash else where. DO NOT buy a WHIRLPOOL/MAYTAG if you don't want to blow your money. Also ask Whirlpool/Maytag & Home Depot to buy this washer back, They stated NO! Buyer Beware! Read more Less

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  • Worst Washer/Dryer Ever!!!

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Aug 27, 2008

    ### The Whirlpool Cabrio is pure garbage. The engineer that designed the "wash plate" system used by the washer should be fired. Shirt sleeves, pant legs, and any large items (bed sheets, towels) end up tied up in long twisted knots 100% of the time. If...you have a small load of wash to do, forget it. The washer only handles ultra large, triple size loads. The dryer will pull all your garments into a ball, and when the cycle is done, the outer layer may be dry, but the inner layers are progressively wetter and you will have to separate and re-do the whole thing. Total piece of crap and we regret that we purchased it. I will pay you to come to my house and take it away! Please! Will never buy Whirlpool again. Read more Less

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  • Repair Issue

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Jun 13, 2008

    ### Within 10 days of purchasing our Cabrio washing machine the tub broke leaking water. It is now 3 weeks later and the machine has not been fixed because 5 defective tubs habe been received from Whirlpool. This has been a fiasco dealing with Whirlpool...customer eXperience personnel. Whirlpool has given the customer absolutely no options to fix this problem in a timely manner, believe me we have tried. We are now contacting the Better Busines Bureau and Consumer Affairs. We would not recommend purchasing any Whirlpool products in the future. Read more Less

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