Firefly - The Complete Series

Firefly - The Complete Series

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Joss Whedon follows up his hugely successful BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER series for Fox with FIREFLY, an action-packed fusion of the science-fiction and western genres. Set five hundred years in the...More

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Joss Whedon follows up his hugely successful BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER series for Fox with FIREFLY, an action-packed fusion of the science-fiction and western genres. Set five hundred years in the future, FIREFLY depicts a troubled world after a massive universal civil war. The resulting power party, the Alliance, control everyone and everything, except for Malcolm Reynolds (Nathan Fillion) and the crew of his spaceship, Serenity. As the Alliance continues to wreak havoc on the world, Malcolm does what he can to restore order to his surroundings.


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  • Even Better than I remember

    By JerryT  Dec 21, 2003

    ### Well written, well acted, and the most entertaining show of 2003 next to KEEN EDDIE, also cancelled by Fox.Unless it is a show entitled LAW and ORDER, or CSI, programs for intelligent people in this country just don't fly, pun intended. It is a sham...e that Fox is making money off of the series it killed, but at least the episodes were released.Each episode builds on character development, supports the overall story as far as continuity, and has witty and creative dialogue and plots.If you are a fan of SCI-FI, you cannot go wrong. Read more Less

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  • Firefly--my return to JossVerse

    By ��gnes  Jul 13, 2006

    ### I got a late introduction to Firefly just this February, but it was love at first sight! Firefly is sci-fi at its finest: it is plausible enough, it is different enough, and it takes us to a world that very much could be reality in 500 years. Great...characters were given life by great actors. While at first I found the idea of nine major characters strange, I found that they all contributed greatly to the show. I wish there had been more time for some of them (Book, Wash) to develop a little more! The DVD's features are great. I especially loved the Easter Egg. Read more Less

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  • Great series.

    By coachhollywood67  Oct 8, 2005

    ### Fox made a major gaffe in cancelling this excellent series. Hopefully the new movie "Serenity" will help in bringing Firefly back. Great complex characters that you care about, Whedon's usual great writing and dialogue. Perfect theme song. A future u...niverse that mixes epic Western themes with Science Fiction, the series delivers enough for the viewer to really delve into it, but leaves enough mystery and unknowns to keep one glued to the tv watching episode after episode. Highly recommended for anyone who loves adventure, humor, and a good story. Read more Less

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  • One of the Best shows ever (Really it is)

    By skepticals  Jan 6, 2005

    ### I can't say enough good things about this show. From the pilot to the last episode, it is strong all the way through. It episode got noticeably better as it went on. Just when you thought that there was no way from them to top the previous episode, t...hey did. The Character's are some of the best I seen. They are so interesting in their interactions. The dialog is top notch and extremely witty. Some episodes are non stop one liners that will have you rolling on the floor while other episodes can be quite chilling or dramatic. This show has it all and I truly think it something that can be enjoyed by everyone. It doesn't suffer from the same sci-fi stereo-types, in fact it goes against them somewhat. I can almost guarantee that you will like this show. Like I said, it has a lot of appeal for a wide group of people. Give it a shot, you WILL NOT be disappointed. Read more Less

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  • FireFly is Amazing

    By colleen  Oct 10, 2005

    ### This show was introduced to me after it was cancelled and released on DVD, and i thank that person who showed me the light. This show has to be one of the funniest and original shows i have ever seen. Fox executives have to be kicking them selves for...cancelling this amazing show w/ staying power, when retarded shows like Nanny 911 are still on the air. It boggles the mind. But this DVD season is worth every penny b/c you will watch it over and over again. Read more Less

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  • Whoopee!

    By The Corporal  Dec 10, 2003

    I saw one episode of this series and was hooked....and then Fox pulled the show. I think that UPN or WB should have picked up the show, but at least now I can see all of the episodes that did get produced.

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  • Great series that didn't get the right supporters

    By Wayne  Oct 26, 2005

    ### Includes episodes that never got aired. The characters areall well developed over time. The humor is there, but it takes a bit to get used to. jokes are only funny when placed in context, that's why jokes don't translate into foreign languages. You h...ave to watch, and the more you watch, the funnier it is. Read more Less

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  • Firefly - The Complete Series

    By Yahoo Shopping User  Dec 16, 2003

    ### Wow!! It is amazing how getting to see a series in the proper order and with a few episodes that didn't get to air can give you a new appreciation for a show that was cancelled before its time. So much more makes sense now. It makes on wish that t...he series had been given the lease on life that it deserved.As for the DVD package...picture and sound are excellent. The features help in understanding how the series was made and what the individual actors felt about it all. A little more information concerning each episode would have been nice but was not strictly necessary.I hope that Josh finds a way to bring the series to an end. These characters and their story deserve a better ending than the one that they got.... Read more Less

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