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Judge Dredd

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In the third millenium, all-powerful Judges keep the peace in Earth's giant Mega-Cities. Judge Dredd is framed by corrupt power-seekers and must fight for his life and for justice. Based on the...More


In the third millenium, all-powerful Judges keep the peace in Earth's giant Mega-Cities. Judge Dredd is framed by corrupt power-seekers and must fight for his life and for justice. Based on the futuristic, action-packed comic books by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra.


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Media FormatDVD
GenreFantasy, Science Fiction (Sci Fi)
MPAA RatingR (Restricted)
DirectorAdrian Biddle/ Danny Cannon
StudioBuena Vista Home Entertainment
ActorsSylvester Stallone/ Armand Assante/ Rob Schneider/ Jurgen Prochnow/ Max Von Sydow

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  • Stupid and Bad.......

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Feb 27, 2000

    don't watch this movie, also when you're a Stallone fan. This movie is terrible and awful.

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  • Waste of Time

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Jun 6, 2000

    ### I saw this movie when it came out in the movie theatres a couple years ago or so and while I don't remember that much about it I recall it wasn't as good as it looked in the trailers on tv. Judge Dredd while having an interesting plot really fails on...so many levels. One of them being the performance of Stallone who I felt was terrible in the role and continues to prove that outside of "Rocky" he can't act. I also felt the movie could have done without Rob Scheider as Dredd's side-kick because he isn't all that funny and I waited for him to get killed. Then there was Armand Assante as the villian Rico. I really felt that Assante was wasted in this movie and had they put more focus on him he could have been a truly evil villain. All in all I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone unless you see it for the fx and the scenery. Other then that this movie is a waste of time. Read more Less

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  • Should have been better

    By Jonathan O  Feb 19, 2002

    ### I actually thought Stallone was a good Judge Dredd. The only problem was that it didn't hold to the continuity of the comic.Without that, it falls into the realm of being just another action movie. I don't have a big problem with action movies... I w...as just disappointed, because the comic has so much going on for it. The comic isn't just about action, it makes ironic observations about people and mob mentality, dangers of facism and how large cities can dehumanize people...all of this could have been in the movie... and the movie would have been a smart-action film.I'm not going to complain too much...but I wish they had put more care and craft into the writing of the film.-Uncle Milo Read more Less

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  • Strictly for timepass viewing...!!

    By Yahoo Shopping User  Dec 31, 1999

    ### This Stallone starrer draws a lot on the cartoon, and provides thrills and spills, but only in moments.. The characters seem to appear out of nowhere, and also vanish rather abruptly. The actors;namely Stallone. Assante and the rest of the ensemble s...eem singularly uninspired in their perfomances. Only Rob Schneider provides a few moments of comic relief. The costumes and sets are lavish, some of the special effects are also OK. But that's where everything good ends.I'd recommend this movie to those people who have to watch something only out of desperation.I'd rather you invest your popcorn and attention in some other worthwhile movie.. Read more Less

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    By Sai  Jan 29, 2000

    This movie sucks......waste of money and time......don't watch it

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  • Stallone is a prize chimp.

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Mar 15, 2001

    ### Sylvester Stallone brings his old beat up head to this classic comic book series and takes along with the script writers a nice big dump on it. The one prinicipal part of the comic book was that YOU NEVER EVER saw Judge Dredd's face and this film rui...ns that within minutes of the film starting. With a wealth of comic material to work with why on earth did they have to turn into a film like Christopher Lambert in Fortress? A complete abomination in the field of comic book to movie translations that should be rolled into a big disgusting cigar and given to that prize doofus Stallone. Read more Less

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  • Ah, these idiots!

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Apr 10, 2000

    ### The POOR FOOL is the one who watches a movie for emotional and philisophical content and not for enjoyability. That is why I enjoyed this movie and not American Beauty. In this movie there are many good special effects as well as interesting characte...rs. I enjoyed the impossibility of it all. I love to go to the movies to get away from life, not to wonder about how beautiful a bag is when it is blowing in the wind. (American Beauty reference.) That is why the best movies are the ones with SUPERHEROES and DRAGONS and unbelievable things. Because people need FANTASY. People need to believe in those superheroes and dragons to get out of reality because the real world SUCKS. Read more Less

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  • all about action

    By zz  Oct 1, 2000

    well there's really no plot to this movie it does have some pretty good action scenes...the costumes, weapons, robots and gadgets are cool...

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  • Judge Dredd

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Nov 5, 2001

    ### Unhampered by the comic books' take on da Judge, I saw this film and loved it. Its really funny. Stallone is never better than when he mocks himself and the whole hero persona. The script is entertaining, humour generally good, and its a fun thrill r...ide, a real popcorn muncher. Nowhere near Shakespeare but well worth seeing. Within it's genre an A1 film. Read more Less

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  • I thought this was a good movie....

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Apr 4, 2001

    Regardless of nonconformity to the comic. It still has a good plot and great effects.

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  • Judge Dredd

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    Judge Dredd wants to be a legitimate violent action flick and a parody of one, but director Danny Cannon fails to find the necessary balance to make it work. Read more

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